March 2017


Health careWho didn’t use mobile phone nowadays? People are mostly having one mobile phone per person. This mobile phone is important enough because of it functional use. If we are not in the home, or on the way to somewhere but you need to call someone, by mobile phone you could do that. You don’t have to be at home just to call someone else. Not only that mobile phone are equipped with some facilities that will make you stay with them for a long time. Mobile phone nowadays are having great quality with the newest technology like a back camera with 10-20 megapixels, front camera that will make your selfies perfect and another application that you can enjoy it. Most of that application make you can not stay away from your phone.

But there are some negative effects that will be dangerous for your health. The lights from your mobile phone could be more dangerous if seen in the dark place. There is soma case in America that someone hurt their eyes because their habits are playing with their phone at night before sleep while the lamp has turned off. It makes their eyes damage and they got the bad ability to seen. Their eyes being red and they also feel pain. It’s because mobile phone are radiate more in the dark place. So if you had a bad habit that still using your phone at the dark you need to change it. Do not playing with your mobile phone if its dark so that you can protect your eyes.

If you still doing those bad habits, you might get problem years after. That is why you should avoid those bad habits. Even though you are not sleepy yet, you are still not allowed to play with your handphone in the dark place. It is for your healthy eyes. Because it couldn’t be cured one you damage your eyes.


Download driver printer Epson Canon Dell etcAs people in business needs increase significantly these days, people need to be provided with a premium laser printer to solve the problems with no excuse. For this reason, Epson introduces the latest series of the smart printer for business equipment: WorkForce WF-4640. Representing the capabilities in loading extra papers on the head, it is suitable to print hundreds of papers with no rest time to stop. Meanwhile, it also plays function as printing, copying, scanning, and faxing documents in easy ways. Therefore, as people get modern, the way how to Download Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4640 Download Driver Printer is interested in discussing.

Suggestion How to Download Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4640 Download Driver Printer

In average, people need a simple way to accommodate their needs. This rule also happens once they need to Download Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4640 Download Driver Printer. If in the past, they need to insert the CD driver manually on their PCs, this old way can be eliminated by searching it online at the online site. After finding the proper site, they only need to follow three easy ways to do. The first one is clicking the download button. Then, people need to download the whole content from the website directly. If there is one small part missing, they cannot install this printer on their PCs no matter would that means. Thus, people need to make sure the completion process.

In addition, the last step to Download Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4640 Download Driver Printer is they also need to get free file converter. It will make the printer can be used easily on their PCs. It means all problem related to official needs can be finished well with no hesitation. Moreover, as professional site classified, the link button also can be divided into various processor they use. It could be Windows, Linux, or Mac. People can find the most suitable option before they start using the printers soon with no excuse.


healthy resting heart ratePregnancy can be a good thing for women and of course, every woman in the world will feel complete when they carrying a baby are inside of their womb. But, of course, they need to keep their self always healthy in order to keep the baby’s inside health. Noticing the healthy resting heart rate pregnancy will be important for you who pregnant. You also need to know if pregnancy brings some change to the body and these changes also include in the heart pulse rate. Of course, you need to know about which heart rate that good for women who pregnant.

Healthy Resting Heart Rate Pregnancy for Normal Women

According to the studied, the heart pulse rate in pregnancy women will be different for each of them. It can be check according to their fitness before they get pregnant and also the age is the factor that makes them has different healthy resting heart rate pregnancy. The doctor will monitor your change and of course, the doctor will monitor the pulse rate through the pregnancy and basic on that, the doctor will give you recommendations for your own care. So, it’s better for you if you always check up your condition during your pregnancy period, to keep you up with the new baby’s condition and also to check your heart pulse rate.

Remember, during the pregnancy, your resting heart rate frequency will be higher and of course, according to the information, pregnant women will increase their heart rate because they pump more blood. And the blood will supply the uterus and that’s why their pump more blood. Her heart will work harder when women get pregnant to send the rest of the blood to the body. A healthy resting heart rate pregnancy that normal for women is about 75 beats per minutes. So, you need to pay lots of attention to this thing.


earliest signs of pregnancyPregnancy waited for the thing after the couple married. Are you married? Have you ever been pregnant? There are many signs of pregnancy, some of them may be earliest signs of pregnancy before missed period. Here you will get some information about abdominal cramps as earliest sign of pregnancy. If you want to more, let’s check this article out.

Abdominal Cramps as Earliest Signs of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

Have you ever get abdominal cramps? Some of the women may get abdominal cramps before their period.  Do you know? This abdominal cramp may be the signs of pregnancy. So, how can you distinguish the period abdominal cramps or the abdominal cramps as earliest signs of pregnancy before missed period because there are some similar signs both of them. It’s important for women to know the pregnancy as soon as possible because it will give effect to your daily activities and the meal. So, how you know which abdominal cramps for pregnancy or the sign of your period? There are some the differences of abdominal cramps for pregnancy or the sign of your period.

The abdominal cramps for your period come when before until the end of your period, but abdominal cramps for pregnancy happen while you pregnant. The abdominal cramps of the pregnancy may follow by other signs, like morning sickness, moods changed, the increase of your body temperature, your breast more sensitive and the size is changes and others signs. The abdominal cramps for pregnancy may not too hurt for you if it feels to hurt and sick please check your pregnant to your doctor for more information. The abdominal cramps that hurt you so bad may the signs that your pregnant isn’t growth well. That’s all the information about the earliest signs of pregnancy before missed period. Hopefully, it’s with helpful for you, thank you.


Apple iPhone 6sWhen we talk about iPhone, of course, you will find some different products here. Then, if you are interested in choosing popular iPhone, Apple iPhone 6S Plus can be a good choice. As it is known that this product is good for those who look for a great smartphone. How we know is easy since the proof will be in its specs or specification. As having been known that the specs of this iPhone are nice. There are some good features found there and for those who want to know more info, here is the explanation that you can read.

Review of Apple iPhone 6S Plus

Talking about Apple iPhone 6S Plus specs, the first important thing that you need to know is its weight and dimension. For the weight, this phone has 192 grams and the dimension 158.2 × 77.9 × 7.3 mm. Then, about the operating system or OS used is iOS 9 in which it is good enough for the phone’s performance. After that, the screen size of this 6S Plus is 5.5 inch hence you can find a larger screen to do your activities using this phone. Moreover, about the resolution of the display itself, this iPhone has 1080 × 1920.

About the next thing, it is about CPU in which Apple A9 is chosen as the CPU in this iPhone product. With 2 GB RAM, indeed it helps the user not to face the problem of lagging. With some storages choice like 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB, you can save more files here then. After that, its battery capacity is 2750 mAh and it is good enough actually. For the camera in Iphone 6 Camera Resolution Plus, there are 12 MP for the rear and 5 MP for the front. With all of the best features offered above, the price must be expensive.


Health lifeSome people may find it challenging to wake up early. If you are typical of a person who cannot wake up early, there are some factors that can motivate you to start waking up early the next morning. In fact, waking up early has so many benefits for our body. To give you some examples, here are several health advantages of waking up early in the morning.

The first advantage is sustaining the healthier diet. In promoting your healthy living habit, you are supposed to get breakfast every morning since it becomes the main essential meal in a day. To eat breakfast properly, you need to wake up early so you can have time to prepare your meal before going to work. In this case, waking up early will sustain your behavior to get healthier diet every morning.

The second advantage is improved mental health. Remember that your mental health has a huge role to your overall body health. In this case, by waking up early in the morning, you will spend the crucial time to start your overall day. It will help you to decrease stress level as well as to produce more positive feeling. In weekdays, it will help you to get rid of being in a rush which can make you, even more, stress in starting your day.

The third advantage is enhanced productivity. It is no secret those early hours in the morning offers low distractions that promise you improved productivity. After having a good sleep at night, your brain has been charged and be ready to do anything. In this case, it will be the most efficient time to do anything for a better result. The last but not least, waking up early in the morning is also beneficial for your health by providing more time to get some exercises in the morning.


Home Decor IdeasHome decor ideas represent the characteristics of the owner no matter would that means. This quote is known since many times before. People want to set their homes as comfortable as possible since they want to get positive energy. Setting the rooms neat every time is not enough to bring good harmony. It means, every element in rooms should collaborate to make this goal pursued. The colors used, the furniture selected, and the concept should be synergized. As the result, the beautiful room can be produced to satisfy people life. This matter becomes easy to pursue since the development of technology becomes borderless and beyond people expectations.

The Gallery of Home Decor Ideas

It is very common that in the past, people should meet the expert oh interior design to manage the room. But today, they can do this by themselves. Unless they are provided with an internet connection, they can browse the samples and the explanations about home decor ideas. It is such a useful gallery to make people comfortable day by day to be at home. The concept can be selected based on their personality. Modern, traditional, classy, elegance, specific style can be selected based on their expectations. All rooms are set with a similar concept to bring good harmony.

On the other hand, the home decor ideas gallery also give the people mind opened freely about various concepts. They can set the furniture and art decor based on the room concept no matter would that means. It is not difficult to purchase the suitable stuff. Both in the conventional store and e-commerce sell the products in various types. People can select it and in a short period, they can have the nice home decorations. Setting the rooms by themselves will make them proud and comfortable to spend much time they have at home.


Chinese Zodiac RatWhether you are man or woman, you must be interested to know how much compatible are you with your partner. If you are a couple that is consisted of ox and rat zodiac, you may start to read rat and ox compatibility to find out whether you can make it together or not. In some ways, we cannot reject that the choice of partner is going to affect our luck and happiness in the future. That’s why we should know about the chance of being compatible as a couple of ox and rat zodiac.

Rat and Ox Compatibility Horoscope for Man and Woman

Whether your man who is a rat or your woman who is a rat, there is no much different when it comes to the compatible property between this zodiac. For a love relationship, it is no secret that both of these zodiacs are expected to provide happiness to each other. Due to the rat and ox compatibility, they can make a nice connection together. If you want to go for a more serious relationship, it is also a great choice for you since you have a perfect matched with your couple. You can start to build it especially in this year since it is the blessed year for both of you when it comes to love relation.

For marriage condition, these two are expected to be able to support each other in a balanced way. Their characteristics who are quite dissimilar from one to another can become one of the ways for them to support each other. Moreover, it is also possible that both of these two can find a safe space on each other which then make them feeling comfortable for having each other. Above all, the rat and ox compatibility is undoubtedly matched from one to another particularly to make a superior relationship.



Chinese Zodiac RatWere you born under Chinese zodiac rat years? If you are, it can be better for you to know some important information relating to this Chinese horoscope. As having been known that in China, one horoscope that is used is the zodiac measured by the years of someone’s birthday. In this case, there are 12 different zodiacs and rat is one of them. Those who call as rat zodiac were born in 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009 and so on. In addition, when you were born in these years below is the information about the 2017 predictions you need to know.

Chinese Zodiac Rat Years 2017 Predictions

For those born under Chinese zodiac rat years, there are some predictions about their life in 2017. Indeed it is important to be known since by knowing well about the predictions here, now there is nothing to be worried about your life. It means that your misfortunes in 2017 are able to be avoided here. Then, what are the predictions of rat zodiac in this year? If you have this zodiac too, it can be good to read some explanation relating to all pf possibilities which may happen in 2017 as follow.

To begin with, it is about love and relationship. For those who have not found a soul mate, you may not find it soon. However, this time can be used to do introspections so that it is good for the next relationship. After that, there is also about a career. In this case, your career may be good. Unfortunately, there is a problem with your deadlines. To avoid all of the misfortune relating to it, here it is better when you do your unfinished tasks. By some predictions above, now you who have Chinese zodiac rat years can avoid the big problem in 2017, don’t you?


tiny house kitIf you really want to have more adorable tiny house kits that can make people stunning when they see your house. Although your house is tiny, but because you choose a good material and interesting design for a tiny house, your house will become the inspiration for anyone who stills search to have this tiny house. Therefore, if your house seems like bored house and everything in your tiny house is untidy, you also need the inspiration to create the more useful house which is tidy and arranged well because you choose good choices of decoration and furniture to be put in your house.

Tiny House Kits from the Magazine and Internet

To get the inspiration to have interesting tiny house kits, you can see it in the home magazine that always giving you useful article related to the house. In the magazine edition that talks about the tiny house, you can find some good choices about the design to make the house and about the arrangement that make the house. In that magazine, if you look carefully, you also can apply the choices of color to be used in the tiny house. If you want to know more about the design that is available in that home magazine, it usually has the name of the designer that makes the design. By that, you can ask if you want to have a consultation with the designer because you feel interested in making the house like that, too.

The other way you can get the inspiration to make good choices and gorgeous tiny house to be made, it is from the internet. Type on the internet about the tiny house and then you can find thousands information about the tiny house, how you make it, the budget you should prepare, and the material that you need to create that tiny house. On the internet, you can see how people make the house by looking at the photos. Some of them also are available in video format. By this, you can see the detail when people make a tiny house. By the inspiration that you find, you will be more understood about tiny house kits.


Health lifeHaving positive mind is needed to make a balanced life. Because of daily activities, they do daily, people can be easy to have stress. When this condition is not managed well it can cause certain diseases that people do not want to have it. Managing stress can be started by listening to relaxed music daily. Slow melody can make positive energy and help them to sleep tightly.

On the other hand, a spiritual vacation can be selected to accommodate this matter. It is not difficult anymore to set a trip in making rest for body and soul. At the internet, there are several packages that people can choose individually or in groups. Bali is such a destination that people can visit. Naturally, it offers beautiful scenery. Surrounded by beautiful beaches, Bali has its owned beauty to offer.

It is not very easy to find villa and guest house that balance people life. Located near the airport, it offers complete facilities that people can have there. Yoga is something interesting offered that people can select the suitable class based on their capabilities. This place is also selected for yoga trainers to improve their skills. People do not hesitate they will have better living since the surroundings are still beautiful and comfortable.

To balance life, this place also offers vegetarian foods that will make the body healthy. Several menus with no additional additives are put to satisfy people. Made with heart, it still has good taste. People can consume it daily along they stay at this villa. This will help to remove toxic and other unused material out of bodies. Interesting to have an experience in this place? People can set the plan by arranging it by themselves. The site will be obtained easily on the internet. Unless they are provided with the internet, they can access the page freely.


closest big lots to meWe are now in your city and of course, we will give the best experience for you when you shopping and finding your daily lives needs. With us, you will be able to find anything that you seek and we will provide the perfect stuff for you. Big lots Atascadero comes as your answer and of course in this place right now you can buy your stuff and find many good things that you might like. From electricity, furniture, toys and many others. So, yeah when it comes to shopping you might consider this place as your choice because in this place you will find many good things that will be very useful for your daily lives support.

Big Lots Atascadero the Best Department Store

We are already giving a good service for more than five decades and we are always providing you with very good stuff. If you want to get anything to support your daily lives, you can find lots of choice over here. In the big lots Atascadero we will give you the best experience at shopping and finding things. The most important thing for us is about your feelings and the most important for us is about your comfortable. So, we will give you a perfect service that you ever see before.

So, if you looking for the good place to shop and buying things, you need a good place with perfect stuff that can satisfy you. Well, in this place you will be able to find many good things and of course, you can find the good household stuff over here. Well, in big lots Atascadero we will give you the best service and of course, you can find us in the maps on your Smartphone to make you easier to find us. Enjoy your shopping and have a nice day.


Lung CancerCancer is kind of diseases that can affect anyone and at any age. Lung cancer is cancer which affects you because of peoples consume cigarette, not only active smokers but also the passive smokers. Passive smokers are people who inhaling cigarette smoke around smokers. So, what should you do if you have this cancer? Besides the hospital treatment, you also can treat your cancer with herbal recipes. What are the herbal recipes that you can apply for your cancer which is specifically in lung? Here, there is some explanations for you.

Healing From Lung Cancer With Herbal Recipes

Lung cancer caused by the growth of cancer cells and if you don’t treat it correctly, it will affect lung cells and turn off the working system of the lungs. This cancer will decrease the working of lungs when on critical condition, the cancer cells will spread on another organ. Can you imagine how dangerous this cancer? Besides the hospital treatment, you also can treat the lung cancer with herbal recipes. There are mangosteen, soursop leaves, taro mice, red pomegranate, and olive oils. Mangosteen contained with xanthone, anti-cancer cells. This xanthone can make cancers cells being apoptosis or the condition that cancer will die surely. This xanthone also can help you to clean your lungs from cancer cells.

The next herbal recipes that you can try is soursop leaves. The soursop leaves contained with acetogenins, which can be the effective nature chemotherapy without giving the bad side effects for your body. The next recipes are Olive oils, Olive oils have anti-cancer cells called hydroxytyrosol, it’s focus to stop the negative growth of cancer cells. Red pomegranate also gives the cancer people treatment for healing them for cancer. Ellagic acid contained in red pomegranate will decrease the growth of cancer cells and prevent the metastatic process lung cancers cells. That’s all that you can know about treat the lung cancer, thank you.


NAS UnitHave you heard about NAS? For you who are still unfamiliar with it, NAS itself stands for Network-attached storage and it is a file storage device providing shared device through Ethernet connection. Then, what NAS Unit is? It is actually the participant of Amazon in which the products of NAS are linked to Of course, there are various products offered by NAS. Here you are able to know well about the products from its website. Then are you curious about what products which can be chosen? Here are the best NAS for Mac as in the following paragraphs.

Best NAS for Mac in NAS Unit

Talking about the products of NAS, one of them which can be chosen is NAS for Mac. In this case, there are some best NAS which is for Mac operating system. By using the device indeed, you are able to expand the storage in your Mac. Moreover, in 2017 itself there are some devices from NAS that can be chosen. What are they? To begin with, there is WD 4 TerraByte “My Cloud Personal NAS”. Having 4TB for its hard-drive size indeed the users of Mac can get more storage to save the file. For hardware connectivity, itself here the device uses Ethernet.

Then, there is another best product that is called as Noontec-TerraMaster F2-220 which uses USB as the hardware connectivity. NETGEAR ReadyNAS 212 comes to be the next NAS products for Mac. In this case, there is USB 3.0 as its hardware connectivity. Moreover, Synology DS216play is good for Mac too. It’s hard-drive size is 16 TB and Ethernet as the hardware connectivity. Those are some of the best NAS for Mac and if you want to know more information about all of the devices above, you just need to visit NAS Unit website in


head careAll peoples may know that aloe vera have a big benefit for your hair healthy, why not try this out? Hair damage is a frightening thing for peoples, especially for women. Hair is their crown. So, what is the benefit of aloe vera for your hair? How apply the aloe vera to your hair to get the best result? Here you’ll find some known about it.

Benefit Aloe Vera for Your Hair, Why Not Try This Out?

Aloe vera are contained by some nutrition like vitamins A, C, and E, amino acid, protein, mineral and other nutrition who give benefit for our health, especially for your hair damage. Aloe vera also can help your hair and head healthy. You can make your own nature conditioner with aloe vera, Why not Try this out, girls? You also can prevent the hair loss because aloe vera will stimulate hair growth with its vitamin. You also can control dandruff on your hair with aloe vera.With aloe vera, you also can remove your greasy hair because it’s contained by astringent who can erase more oil on your hair.

So, what treatment that you can do for your hair? You prepare one lemon, a quarter glass of aloe vera gels and attire oil. You can mix lemon water, aloe vera gels and 3-5 drops of attire oils until blends. The next, you can wash your hair with nature shampoo as usual. After that, you can apply the mix of aloe vera, lemon water and attire oil on your hair, especially for your end of the hair and scalps. Let stand your hair about 10-30 minutes. After that, you can wash it with warm water and wash again with cold water. Here some tips that you can apply for your hair, why not try this out for your healthy hair, girls?