January 2018


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Now, How Do We Order Online From This Indonesia Seaweed Suppliers And Distributors

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Shrimp, one of the most popular seafood which many people love so much and it has been a good source of protein for body health.  Because of the nutrition inside it, ordering shrimp from shrimp suppliers Indonesia is something common.  Yes, many people love to consume it hence there are many people who order this seafood. However, do you know how to order shrimp from a supplier?  For those who haven’t known well about this issue, below is the explanation you need to understand more.

Step To Order Shrimp

In ordering shrimp from shrimp suppliers Indonesia indeed you cannot ignore several steps here. The first one is you need to know the shrimp supplier which you will choose. In this case, you may find that there are some suppliers of this seafood, but one thing you should know is not all of them is a good one.  Hence choosing the trusted supplier is a must.

Then about the second step is you should contact the supplier factory. You may get the number of the factory in many ways including searching it on the internet. Making sure that the number is right so you can ask any questions relating to the ways of ordering the shrimp.

After you have ordered the shrimp products as you want to, now it’s time to check the shipping issues in which it is an important issue that you don’t ever forget. Ensuring if all the documents needed to ship the products have been completed and legal so there will not be any problem with your order. Also, you need to make sure if the supplier also has legal documents for shipping issues.

In the next step after all the things above having been done is you need to pay your shrimp order depending on the agreement having been made. In short,  with all the things you have read before, now you have understood about ordering shrimp from shrimp suppliers Indonesia,  haven’t you?


Many people are not familiar with carrageenan, maybe some people are just heard about that. What is carrageenan? Carrageenan is one of seaweed processed product that has various functions and benefits. Carrageenan is used in making various kinds of the food product, pharmacy and cosmetic also other industry needs. The main function of carrageenan is as thickener, stabilizer, gelling agent, emulsifier, and so on. Carrageenan itself is a polysaccharide compound produced from the process of seaweed extraction. Indonesia is one of the carrageenan producers. Indonesia carrageenan manufacturers have produced one of the best quality in the world.

Carrageenan In Indonesia

In fact, the technology used in making carrageenan is simple, it can be done in small scale or home industry. In Indonesia, though Indonesia carrageenan manufacturers have produced a very good quality product, yet carrageenan industry in household-scale is not so popular even though Indonesia itself is a country with the largest carrageenan seaweed raw materials in the world. The reason may be because of opinion in the society that carrageenan industry is must be built on a large scale.

The process is not very complicated, but it takes precision in making the mixing composition which will determine the success in making carrageenan. The procedure is:

  1. The first step that must be done in the carrageenan making process is the clearance of seaweed that will be processed.
  2. The second step is extraction. Soaking the seaweed in water with a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.
  3. The next process after extraction is filtering.
  4. Carrageenan deposition is done by pouring the heated carotid filtrate into isopropyl solution while stirring for 15 minutes, to form carrageen fibers.
  5. Then, the carrageenan fibers are dried within a vacuum dryer at 60 degrees Celsius to dry. Then milled to obtain carrageen powder.

What are the steps in Indonesia Carrageenan Manufacturers?


Do not ever think that the health tips are only suitable to be applied by the sick people. Of course, the sick people must apply the healthy tips because, by that, it will make them become healthy. If they do not do that, of course, they might be difficult to be healed. It is because the medicine that is consumed by the sick people does not react well to them if they do not hard and try to be healthy; such as they do not eat their meal and do not let them you have enough sleep. Normal people or people in normal body condition which is not sick, they also must use the health tips because, by the tips, it will help them to avoid the sick.

Health Tips to Be Happy

Actually, most of the sick is happening because of the viruses or bad bacteria that attacking them. But for normal people, it may be because they have a strong immune system that makes the bad bacteria cannot attack them. For many people who have a disease because of the viruses but if you do not get the viruses, it means that they have a strong immune system. It makes normal people is healthy.

For healthy people, from now, you must care for many things in your activity if because you do not want to get sick, you must not get stress. To do that, you must fit and always fresh every day. You must live with healthy such as you must eat your breakfast. You must stop smoking and you cannot drink carbonated water. You should do sport once in a week and exercise every day. You cannot be tired, so you must have enough sleep, etc. Those are the ways normal people in their life. From their healthy habit, it makes them are avoiding the sick. Their condition is never being bad, so they will live with happily.


Now that you found a seafood recipe in the online cooking tutorial that seems delicious, you may want to try cooking the recipe. At this point, you may find that there is shrimp on the list of ingredients. We can find Asian tiger shrimp suppliers soon when the shrimp needed is tiger shrimp or we can come to nearby fish market to find fresh pink shrimp. Then, what else?

Tips For Buying Shrimp

Before you cook the shrimp, of course, you need to shop for the shrimp first. If you do not know how to start, here are some tips for buying shrimp that you can follow.

  • First, you must think about the size that you would like to buy. Actually, there is no standard size, but you can follow the way the retailers do the measurement.
  • Second, you must think a species to buy. There are more than 300 shrimp species out there. Some of the popular one includes tiger shrimp. You can find this shrimp in Asian tiger shrimp suppliers.
  • Third, you must make sure to come to the reliable supplier to get the high-quality one.

Tips For Cooking Shrimp

After buying the shrimp, now you are ready to cook. Here are some tips for cooking shrimp that may help you to get the most of your cooking time.

  • Do brine. It is a good idea to do this step when cooking shrimp since it is able to enhance the texture and also the flavor of most shrimp varieties.
  • Do peeling. You need to peel the shell before you cook the shrimp especially if you are going to serve it in hot liquid. However, you can keep it if you prefer to grill the shrimp.

That’s all about buying and cooking tips for shrimp. If you are interested to buy tiger shrimp, you can go on with Asian tiger shrimp suppliers out there.


White shrimp is an ingredient that has much nutrition so it will be great for your body. Therefore, it’s important to know how to choose the right shrimp if you want to get the benefits. Choosing the right shrimp is necessary since it’s not about for the taste only, but also for your own safety. If you want to get the benefits of shrimp, you need to pick the shrimp that doesn’t smell like ammonia. If you buy low-quality shrimp, you can’t get the benefits. So you need to pick the good one.

The Pros Of White Shrimp

White shrimp is a high-in-benefit food that you need to eat daily. By eating shrimp, it can increase your overall health. Moreover, the taste is delicious and the price is cheap. You need to take a look at the benefits if shrimp below.

  1. Weight loss

The first benefit will make people that gain weigh happy since they can lose their weight in a delicious way. Shrimp is rich in protein and vitamin D. You can always put shrimp on your diet menu. Moreover, shrimp is a great source of zinc. It can help your body to increase the leptin level in your body, it is a hormone that plays the role of your appetite, energy, and fat storage. If your leptin level increase, you can prevent overeating so you can lose weight.

  1. Control energy

White shrimp also rich in iodine. Iodine can help your body to control how much energy that will be expended when your body is at rest. Iodine can also interact with the thyroid gland so it can speed up the thyroid activity.

Shrimp has great benefits. You can cook them every day as your meal. There are more benefits of shrimp. If you want to know more, check https://www.vannameiwhiteshrimp.com.


Catfish Indonesia has hard and tough skin. However, its meat is very delicious and you can cook it up nicely. Before you cook the meat, you need to clean the catfish. For some people, cleaning catfish can be a hard thing to do. But our tips are easy to follow. The catfish should be skinned first. You need to prepare some assemble items such as fillet knife and a large knife. Make sure that the catfish is already dead. It’s inhuman to skin and clean it while the fish is still alive. Moreover, skinning and cleaning dead catfish will prevent injury. If you are not sure whether it is life or not, you can cut the tail off to see if it is bleed or not.

How To Skin Catfish Indonesia?

The first thing is to cut carefully through the skin around the catfish Indonesia body. After that, gut the fish and make sure you do not puncture any of its organs. Then, use the fillet knife to remove all the fins. Han the catfish in some place that are suitable. In this step, you can begin to skin down the catfish from the center to the back. Still using a fillet knife, pull the skin off from the head first. You can also use your own hand.

The next step is to remove the skin from the tail. If you’re not already removed the tail, then it’s the time the cut the tail off. Use the large knife to cut the catfish’s head off. Back to fillet knife, you can fillet the fish when the skin has been removed completely. First, cut the backbone until the knife reaches the ribs. After that, cut from the top to down. Don’t forget to cut behind the spine and ribs. Catfish Indonesia is ready to be cooked.


Sea fish like milkfish, salmon, cod, mackerel, and much more are the best, and one of the reliable source of foods in this world. Every year, there are more than a hundred of tons’ sea fish, being harvested and fished in the sea, and the sea fish suppliers like salmon suppliers, frozen milkfish suppliers, cod manufacturers, and much more becoming one of the best business, and also had promising business profit. Although being a sea fish supplier for milkfish, salmon, and etc., sounds pretty boring, didn’t get you enough money to eat, or anything like that, it is actually not right, and being suppliers of sea fish, now can give you lot of money, and it also had several business advantages and benefits. What are the benefits? and what are the advantages of being sea fish suppliers? especially for milkfish suppliers?

Here Are The Advantages And Benefits Of Frozen Milkfish Suppliers

Common sea fish like milkfish, mackerel, cod, and sardine, are very easy to get in the market or grocery know how it is? The common sea fish have plenty of supplies, meaning that for sea fish suppliers business aren’t really hard in term of searching for supplies of goods. Also, being suppliers can open a lot of other business opportunity and opening. The frozen milkfish suppliers, and the sardine canary, that’s the example of other sea fish distributor and production business, other than the sea fish manufacturers, and if you are clever enough, you can use this business opening for your benefits.

Not surprisingly, the demands for sea fish like milkfish, mackerel, cod and etc., are always high. The demand is high, thanks to the increasing amount of seafood restaurant business and business like that. Being sea fish suppliers can give you lot of work since you are going to need to collect the supply, and search for the consumer. If you are willing to be frozen milkfish suppliers, then it is good for you.


Have you felt down in the morning? Or, did you wake up in bad mood in this morning? It must be the bad and annoying one. You might try to get earlier but your mood still feeling at east. Actually, there are some ways to brighten up in the morning. You can do some ways to wake up in good mood. By waking up in good mood, your day will be brighter later on. In brighter mood, you can even do all work well. So, it is time to do some ways to make your early morning with bright mood.

How to Wake Up in Good Mood

Waking up in the morning is not an easy job when you have a long day before that. Moreover, waking up in good mood is not easy when you felt on the east day before. However, there is still some way to make sure that your next day will brighten up. There are some simple ways to make you wake up in good mood for the next day. For the first, you have to go to your bed early. One of the problems that makes you in bad mood after waking up is you do not have enough sleep.

Second, you can also try to turn off your electronics right before you will go to the bed. In a simple way, the darkness means to sleep while light means to wake up. So, you can train your mind and body to get this alarm. Moreover, sleeping under the light on is not something good for your health. Just try to get yourself asleep by turning off your lamp. Third, you can try to boost up your mood and sleep cycle by doing exercise. Do exercise routinely, so you will get healthier body and mind. Then, you can even control your mood.


Cleaning your bed is a thing you need to do a routine on a daily basis. Indeed, maybe you have clean your bed by dusting them on a daily basis. You might also get some cleaning treatment on the weekly and monthly basis. But, do all those things are really useful? In some cases, cleaning your bed will be quite attractive if you use diatomaceous earth for bed bugs. Indeed, the bed bugs are microscopic and you cannot see it with your eyes without using any microscope. But, the key to having great thing is when you get them off your bed effectively. So, here are some methods for getting rid the bed bugs.

Get Your Toddler-Friendly Bed

Cleaning your bed is not only important for the baby and toddler, but also for yourself. In this case, the bugs might be a bothering thing since it can clog your respiratory system and you can also find so many negative effects of having bed bugs in your room. Therefore, you can use the diatomaceous earth for bed bugs. Using it can be done easily. Make sure you don’t use the bed or anything that will be cleaned. In this case, you can apply the diatomaceous earth in a layer on the bed or any other things you want to clean. You can leave it for two days to make sure that the bugs are dead.

After leaving the bed for two days, you can clean them by vacuuming the diatomaceous earth. When you vacuum them you can also get the killed bugs in the bed and make it as one of the best cleaning methods you ever try. In some case, you will also be able in cleaning not only the bed but also some other furniture in a house like a sofa and a carpet. Don’t worry, the DE is perfectly safe for the children and this will help you a lot in applying them without being paranoid about its negative impact. To get the best DE, you can visit www.diatomaceousearthbedbugs.com.


Rat is the most annoying pest in the house, and it is number one house invader, that nearly every house in this world will be infested by a colony of rats. To exterminate colonies of rats, there are several methods you can use, and several steps on how to get rid of rats easily and effectively. Before starting out your first rat’s extermination, keep it in mind, that rats are pretty smart animals, and they can easily avoid many traps and poison if you don’t put them effectively and correctly. Trap and poisons maybe the best methods to exterminate them, but not the safest, and also not very efficient. You will need to rearm the traps, and for the rat’s poison, you will need to make sure you can find the rotting rat carcass before they can emit unpleasant odor in your house. Traps and poisons are the easy methods to get rid of rats, but maybe not the most efficient way.

Here Are Natural Methods On How To Get Rid Of Rats Efficiently

The natural and the best way on how to get rid of rats efficiently is brought a cat to your house. Everybody knows that cat is the natural enemy of rats right? they are a good hunter, natural rat’s predator and can help you clean up any rats infested house easily. Using cat to help you exterminate rats, is also a natural way to boost life cycle. The good cats can clear up your house for less than a week, and then your house will be clear, and no rats would dare venture outside of your walls.   

You can also use natural scent to make rats unpleasant and then left their home. There is some natural scent that rats can’t stand such as peppermint, cloves, and chili. You can use them to create a juice, then spray out near rat ways and rats hole. That’s it natural ways and efficient ways on how to get rid of rats.


If you are one of many people that fall in love with Mobdro, you might very want to install this application on your smartphone, especially for the Android user. You can install this application on your smartphone with the android system or iOS system. However, in your installation process, you might find some problems that can avoid or disturb the installation process. Do not worry about that, because you can clear the problem with some tips. To know more about the problem and also the tips to fix it, please read the following paragraphs.

Problems Of Installing Mobdro In Android

You might find some problems when you want to install Mobdro on your Android smartphone. Here are some problems that you might find in your installation process.

  • Problem with Internet Connection

When you install this application, you might find any message sounds “check your connection”. It means that we have to check our connection before continuing to the installation process. However, you might find that your connection is okay, but still be a problem for you. It means that you have to download the other type of the application since the problem is in the application that you download.

  • Problem with “Parse Error”

This is the other problem in the process of stalling this application. When you find this problem, it means that the version of your Android is lower than the compatible version. It means that it does not match with your system.

  • Problem with Empty List

The other problem that you might find while installing this application is the empty list that you get. Actually, this is the problem with your DNS and you have to change the network setting with the Google Public DNS.

You can find those problems in installing this application, so please learn about the problem-solving. For more information about this application, please visit mobdroapk.net.


The market demand of milkfish makes Indonesia milkfish suppliers compete for the profit. This market is profitable as many restaurants serve as menu without its bone like in Indonesia, making it so soft to eat. As you need the fish for cooking or business, you need to buy from suppliers. However, choosing truly trustworthy suppliers is a tough one. You must look for suppliers to get good quality fish. Then, how can we consider whether the supplier we buy the fish is trusted and provide good quality milkfish or not? Well, let us bring this to the attention below.

Consider These If You Look For Trusted Supplier

  1. Seek from Trusted Source. Many sources of information can be used to find Indonesia milkfish suppliers. You can find through trade forums, marketplace, social media or your relatives. After that, you can get any information about them.
  2. See how suppliers’ credibility. You can ask some testimonies from other customers whoever buy the fish from the supplier. Then, the other way when you buy the fish, whether the fish sold look fresh or not.
  3. Observing the conditions of quality milkfish. You need to observe the physical condition of milkfish. We certainly want a fresh fish with a good physical. One of the ways is to smell the milkfish. If there is no odor of the soil, then it can be ascertained if the milkfish is still fresh.

Choosing a supplier is very important. By knowing the supplier is trustworthy or not, then we will be able to choose from which fish we will get with. Because a lot of market demand can make suppliers can do no good way to get profit if only take advantage regardless of quality. So, those how to choose good Indonesia milkfish suppliers, hoping help you to make a choice of milkfish.


Have you taken your breakfast today? For your information, breakfast is really important for your health. You cannot even skip your breakfast for a day. Why? Because there are a hundred benefits of taking breakfast every day. Although you are on diet, you still have to take breakfast. It is even the important time to eat when you are diet. However, this importance sometimes is forgotten by some people. Busy day or other excuse are some problems that make people did not have their breakfast. How busy your life is, don’t forget to grab your meal in the morning.

The Importance of Having Breakfast

There are some benefits of having breakfast. It is not only as the start supply of your body, but breakfast also takes its role in building a more healthy life. So, here are some benefits of taking breakfast every day:

  • Breakfast Effectively Avoid Overeating

One of the most important of having breakfast is you will never be overeating. As mentioned before, breakfast becomes a starting point for your body to get supply. Moreover, breakfast also gives you to get more blood sugar level. The lower you have lower blood sugar, the hungrier you will be for a day.

  • Breakfast Gives More Energy for A Day

Breakfast is like a fuel for your body. You can start your day by eating a healthier meal in the morning. As mentioned in the previous point, breakfast is a starting point so you have to make sure that you get a right meal for your breakfast. You cannot take a random meal for your breakfast. Still, you have to grab a healthy food to boost your energy in a day.

  • Breakfast Help to Increase Concentration Level

Have you ever lose concentration while working or studying? Just grab your breakfast every day, so you will increase more concentration.


If you are running a home industry business, you will need to get the best ingredients to cook. In some big cities like Jakarta and Surabaya, the need of fish for any catering and food business is increasing. There are so many innovations that are offered by the market. In this case, if you want you can also get the best horse mackerel suppliers for your business. Indeed, finding the best supplier will help you to cut the expense and making sure that your products are graded in the best, premium grade. Therefore, your business can gain more profits.

Tips For Choosing Fresh Mackerel

For every business owner who is looking for a better business product to sell, fishes can be a great choice. Especially in Indonesia, you will not get any difficulty in getting the ingredients because you can find the horse mackerel suppliers easily. Therefore, you can decide that the fishes are great for you. In this case, the horse mackerel can be purchased fresh. Choosing fresh mackerel is really important to add more tastiness to your food. Here are some things you have to consider when you want to get best fishes:

  1. check with its eyes, the fresh horse mackerels have bright eyes,
  2. check to its body flesh, it should be shiny,
  3. check to its gills, which has to be red, if the gills are pale, the fish is not fresh anymore.

Choosing fresh fishes for your business is really recommended. As it is cooked to be a tasty food, you can also make sure that the fish’ freshness is also related to its nutrients. Of course, if you don’t use the fresh fish you will not get the best, tasty food. So, always be aware of the fish’ freshness. To get more information about the fishes, just visit the website of horse mackerel suppliers.