Alternative Virtual Assistant For Windows

If you are installing Windows 10 on your personal computer, you may know that there is Cortana as your virtual assistant. If you might ever download Bonzi Buddy in the past and you do not want to get something like virtual assistant again after that bad experience, you should not worry to find thing like that here because we are going to discuss some best alternative for your Windows desktop.

Top Alternative Virtual Assistant For Windows

  1. Braina

In the first place, we have Braina which is a freeware that you can use for your Windows. In addition to the free version, there is also the Pro version which costs you $29. This assistant will help you to set reminder and alarm, to save your notes, to open particular websites and also to play songs you like. For the Pro version, you can expect more features as well.

  1. Denise

Secondly, there is an alternative to your past Bonzi Buddy which is called Denise. This VA software is not available for free even there is a free version which is stripped down. It has both male and female avatar as well as robot avatar which can do many features as your virtual assistant.

  1. Jarvis Lite

Next, if you are more interested in the one that is available for free, you can consider about downloading Jarvis Lite. This is another freeware which you can find easily on the internet. It offers you some features including doing your command to play songs, send and also open emails, launch certain software and more.

Those are several alternative virtual assistants for your Windows desktop. If you need to know more about the software, you can check it on the internet. However, if you want to know more about the Bonzi Buddy, you can go to any source that still offers its information.

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