Best Military Diet for Men

Best Diet TipsFor men, military diet can be the best choices when they want to get in shape for short periods of time. There is the military diet for men which are able to help every man to achieve their ideal body without so many burdens. For you who think that certain diets are more likely to do by women, you should learn further about military diet and discover that this is the best way to get your ideal body. Now, let’s see how to do this diet in this following information.

How to Do Military Diet for Men

If you are interested in trying military diet, here are some rules that you should know to get the best result of this diet. First of all, you should know that there are three days planning in the military diet. Through those three days, you are supposed to eat three times a day with particular food choices. To do the military diet for men in the first day; you should drink dark espresso without sugar and eat bread or grain and citrus for breakfast. Then, on your lunch, you should take one cup of unsweetened dark coffee or tea. Moreover, you can also take a whole wheat bread and tuna as well.

Furthermore, on your dinner, you are supposed to eat three ounces of beef, one apple, half of banana, a cup of boiled beans and also a cup of ice cream. Moving on to the second day, you are expected to eat a piece of bread grain, a strawberry and a hardboiled egg for your breakfast. Continue by eating an egg, five spoons of crackers and cheese on the lunchtime. Next, on the dinner time, you should take two hot dogs, carrot, broccoli, banana and vanilla ice cream. That’s all some main points about military diet for men.