Bonsai Tree Care When Overwintering

bonsai tree careOverwintering is a phase where your bonsai needs to survive in the cold of winter. Of course, it is only applicable for bonsai that can endure the freezing winter, but they still need special attention. The first care should fall into how you clean up the trees from developing fungus. Additionally, it is also a great time for trimming some growth that you consider bad. In order to pass through winter, bonsai tree care is required. You can do that by using the cover that keeps your bonsai – especially its roots – from freezing. That way, the tree still can take some nutrients from the soil without a problem.

Bonsai Tree Care In Winter

The best way to provide care for your bonsai is definitely by putting it in a greenhouse. The greenhouse allows more stable temperature and it is definitely more controlled than the cold environment outside. It is definitely great choice especially if your bonsai just cannot endure the winter because it is not designed to do so. Bonsai tree care for such bonsai is even costlier, but it is definitely the best way to improve its value especially in your local area. Even though greenhouse may be a great option for you, it is also essential to consider other trees in the same location. The reason is because different trees require different temperature for living ideally. It also applies to your bonsai which does not like hot environment.

It is pretty much about it when it comes to bonsai tree care in winter. Basically, bonsai trees do not require too much care in this season due to its nature which does not do anything in this time around. However, as good owner, you need to observe the bonsai especially for some negative changes that may happen. That way, you can react quickly for treating your beloved trees.