As a guy, it is ok to take care of your skin. Instead, this is the right thing to do. It’s not like you are too feminine but taking care of your skin is just as important as taking care of your body. Taking care of skin is not just washing your face by a soap. Cleansing is needed to achieve good skin.

Choosing Face Wash For Man

Since you are a newbie in this skincare world, we will give you some tips only! The tips are easy and cheap. Check the steps below!


  • You have to wash your face by a cleanser, not a bar of soap that you use to wash your body. And you need to use a cleanser that suitable for your skin type. A suitable cleanser will help you to clean and remove dirt and oil better in the pores. If you are too lazy to wash your face, it can lead to acne or blemishes. We recommend you to use a cleanser with natural cleansing substance.


  • Using a body wash is strictly forbidden since it can make your face dry and lead to irritation. It’s better if you use natural oils. The oil cleansing method is the best way to clean your face naturally. The natural oils wouldn’t contain harmful chemicals. The oil will remove the dirt and your face wouldn’t be irritated. This is the best method for someone who has acne. It is also suitable for any skin type.


  • If you prefer face wash, you can choose a cream face wash or a cleansing milk if you have dry skin. As for normal and oily skin, it’s better to use a gel cleanser as your face wash. For someone who has acne problem, you can choose face wash that contains benzyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or glycolic acid.

That’s our tips for choosing face wash for man.


If you need to enhance your energy, health or heal your diseases; you may find out the link in this article. I will give you several tips as well regarding natural health supplements. Maybe you need to know the several considerations to find the best supplements for your health and body. So, let us find out here and take your note to remember all the tips.

Some Tips For Choosing The Best Healthy Supplements

There is some consideration if you decide to use supplements to help you enhance your health and energy. It will be dangerous for your body in the future if you do not choose the right supplements for your needs. So, here are the several tips for you:

  1. Natural health supplements are the best kind of supplements. You may find it anywhere now and most of them using herbs ingredients.
  2. You should make sure the supplements are not illegal productions. You should know that the supplements are legal and allowed by FDA or legal and has permission in your country.
  3. It is better if you ask your doctor whether you are allowed to use the supplements for your health condition or not.
  4. Make sure the supplements you consume are what you need and not consume it if you think you do not need it.
  5. You should know the supplements are not from unknown source and productions.

What do you think? Do your supplements have the conditions above? You should make sure it has or you will get the side effects in the future. It is your own health and you should be careful. Click natural health supplements for more tips on supplements, home remedy, and health topics. So, those are all that you get here. Hope you like it and use to you. Share it if needed.


When you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, the first question that pops out in your head is “what do I do now?” As you know that this health problem can be 100% cured. Staying healthy with type 2 diabetes can be the best way to avoid any complications. So, here are several health tips for those who have type 2 diabetes to live healthier.

Tips for Staying Healthy with Type 2 Diabetes

If you are one of the millions of people who diagnose with type 2 diabetes, you may consider to change your bad habits to these healthy lifestyles. In order to keep you healthy, it starts with a healthy lifestyle. According to the American Diabetes Association, the patient should do healthy food choices, you can work with vegetables, whole fruits, beans, whole grains, lean meats and other low-diary products. You are also highly recommended to stay away from processed foods in order to reduce sugar consumption. You should eat in the right amount for a healthy eating. Eating regularly also helps you to stay healthy. It helps to keep the blood sugars on track. Exercise is also important to make your life balance. In fact, you should see your doctor to talk about what exercise best for you.

After you have a small change of your lifestyle, you also need to control your health. Checking your blood glucose is important in order to know what affects your levels, and you can notice the problem before it is too late. Some of the people do not take their medicine. But, to keep you healthy, take your medicine as prescribed. Make sure that you take only the medicine and doses as prescribed for you. Diagnosed having type 2 diabetes is hard sometimes for some people. But healthy living and regular health check will make it easier.


Health has become one of the big issues nowadays. The environments and lifestyles make people weaker, so they can get sick easily. Moreover, sicknesses or diseases are keep evolving. Nowadays, there are more diseases found compared on some years ago. Bacteria and viruses are also evolving, so people are weakened in facing them. That is why people are getting more aware of their health. As one of the results, numbers of people coming to health centers or health care providers keep increasing. In this condition, of course it will be necessary for them to find the good health care or medical center for them, so they will get the best solution for their condition.


Looking for the good health care and medical centers

Somehow, it can be quite difficult jobs to find them. This is because there are more medical centers nowadays. Because people need them, there are more of them coming and offering the services. However, it is necessary to choose the best among them. It does not mean that there can be bad medical centers that only create problems, but it is more about to find the most suitable health care that can give the best treatments and solution for health problems.


Of course, the main factor will always be about the doctors and experts in the medical centers. When it is good one, there must be good doctors, nurses, and medical professionals working in it. This can be seen from their license, experiences, and educational background. Then, the facilities and equipment must also be taken into consideration. This is because nowadays the health problems are more complicated. Because of that, good medical facilities is needed so the problems can be diagnosed well, and the suitable treatments can be given to cure and treat the health problems. When it is not good enough, it is very possible to find incorrect diagnoses, and this may make the treatment less effective.


Do you know how popular aloe Vera gel right now? You may find it in the social media and almost all of the beauty vlogger love to use it as their skin care. Well, do you want to do the same? Some people maybe will use it differently from others but I assure you these ways of using the gel will the best ones. Ok, do you waste your time and take your note now.

Tips How To Use And Apply Aloe Vera Gel Mask

Do you use the real aloe Vera gel from the plant or you use the gel from the popular brands these days? Ok, both of them are ok as long as you find the fit one to your skin condition. So, here are the tips:

  1. Prepare the aloe Vera gel and make sure it is hygiene.
  2. Make sure your face also clean.
  3. Take aloe Vera gel and apply it on your face thoroughly.
  4. You should apply it thick enough.
  5. Wait for it to dry. Make sure the aloe Vera dry and absorb into your skin well.
  6. Maybe it will take so long but you have to be patient.
  7. After the aloe Vera gel dry and absorb to your skin; you should wash your face with fresh water.
  8. Dry your face.
  9. You should do it twice a day; in the morning and evening or as your sleeping mask.

So, it is easy, right? Actually, you may mix it with other mask but it will be better if you use the aloe Vera alone. You may wait for several days for the result but if the brands or the aloe Vera is good for your skin, the result will be seen within one or two days after the routine use. Thus, that is all.


Diabetes is a common problem for modern people nowadays. However, no one wants to have that disease. It is like a nightmare for people who love to eat sweet foods and beverages. So, if you have a line of diabetes in your family; you should be careful now. You should choose the right foods and stay away from getting too much sugar in your blood.

Tips For Solving The Problems To Choose Foods For Diabetes Sufferer

In this modern days, you will find many options of foods for special people such as vegetarian, vegans even for the people who need special foods for their body like diabetes sufferer. The problem here is the diabetes sufferer will need to avoid many foods; especially the delicious foods such as sweets, ice cream and so on. Are you ready for that? Here are the tips for solving the problem:

  1. You should cook your own foods. If you love sweet foods but your diabetes will allow it, you just need to cheat with the healthy and organic sugar for diabetes sufferer.
  2. There are many products of sweeteners in the markets for diabetes sufferers. So, you should not worry to eat and drink tea without sugar anymore.
  3. You still can eat cake and ice cream. However, you should know the sugar in it is safe for you or not. You better find the restaurants that are diabetes-friendly.
  4. You better do not eat white rice. If your country is common to eat white rice in every meal; you should try to stay away from it now and change it into another source of carbs without too much sugar.

So, what you need to know more now? Do not worry, you will find many foods that are diabetes-friendly nowadays. Therefore, you can still eat healthy and tasty even though your blood needs to reduce the sugar. That is all. You should find out tasty recipes for diabetes people now.


Everyone turns out to have different body types and each has different characteristics also in dealing with it. Especially for those of you who are lowering or raising weight. There are several ways to train the body to get used and do not feel forced when we do sports or other activities.

The Body Types and Exercises

Ectomorph is a skinny and somewhat difficult form to build muscle in this body. Weight gain and autonomy require patience because it takes a longer time to reach and is difficult to maintain. This type is very slim with just a little body fat and muscle mass. This body is suitable to be an athlete with skills such as marathon distance or model world. Ectomorph type should eat more calories in the diet to gain weight. Mesomorph is the ideal body type because this body shape is more athletic with a solid body and muscular with a sturdy look. This type is usually the easiest to form the body and get the optimal muscle mass. Last is Endomorph, usually shown in those who have a round body shape, stocky and usually big. People with this type of body are difficult to lose weight. A healthy diet and regular exercise are very important to be done by people who have this body type. the food portion should be smaller and more frequent but with a balanced diet. Eat every 3 hours once or as much as 6 times a day to smooth metabolism. Reduce carbohydrates and increase protein during the diet.

The exercise tips are, do more weight training to build muscle with fewer reps and heavy loads. Rest time should be enough. Separate exercise time 2 to 3 days to rest to the next exercise if you are ectomorph type. For mesomorph, weight training as much as at least 3 times per week and aerobics every day or on certain days only. Prioritize exercises to achieve your goals.


Infantigo is not dangerous, but it will spread easily once it appears on your skin. Mostly, it will appear at the young age. One of the symptoms of this infection is a blister. However, don’t get panic easily when you found blister on your kids’ skin since there are more symptoms of it. You have to look at it more whether it is this infection or not. So, what are the symptoms of this infection? How to cure it fast?

What Are Symptoms Of Infantigo?

If you found blister on your kids’ skin, so it does not always mean for infantigo or impetigo. You have to check the right symptoms of this problem first because other skin problem also has a blister. So, here are the symptoms of impetigo:

  • Sores with yellow-brown crust
  • Small red bumps then develop into blisters
  • There are larger blisters which are flat when the fluid is drained out

Typically, the impetigo might occur on the scar. That is why it is so forbidden to let the scar open and even not to cure it. The bacteria will easily live in your skin then develops any skin problem.

What Is The Best Way To Treat Infantigo?

If all the symptoms occurred on your kids’ skin, so you have to do some treatment. At first, you have to take prevention so the impetigo will not spread around to another area. After that, you can follow these steps:

  • Clean the infected area gently and try to remove the crusts out
  • Apply the antibiotics ointment like mupirocin. When you apply the ointment, you can use the protective gloves to prevent the spreading of impetigo to your skin

For more information about it, you can also know more on Get other tips of its prevention, treatment, and other medical care for the impetigo.


Having a meal time is what we are waiting for especially for those who work in certain company. Lunch is the best time to eat any foods that you want. If we are talking about meal time, most of you are going to lie down your body to take a rest for a while or sleeping after it. Do you know that your habit is not good for your health?

3 Things to Avoid After Meal Time

You should know that your habit is bad for you no matter what your reason is. You should keep sitting down after meal time and you should not take a sleep although just for a while because it can make your digest system will not work very well. There are 3 things you should not do after meal time. The things are:

  1. Don’t sleep after it. You should know that the digest system needs more time to digest and absorb any vitamins and minerals. It takes for around 3 hours after you eat the foods. Thus, if you want to take a nap, it will be better if you do it before lunch.
  2. Doesn’t drink the water directly after meal time. Well, it may sound weird why you should not drink after you eat something. However, it is true if you want to get the maximum absorption of the nutrients from the food that you eat, it will be better if you drink after 2 hours.
  3. Don’t get any hard exercises or activities like running, jumping, or any other exercises after your meal time.

Those are the things you should avoid after you have meal time to make sure you get the nutrition from the food that you are consuming in the best way. It also will help your digest system to work in the right way.


As one of the most common problems that are possible to happen to everyone, acne is actually something that we should not be afraid of. However, as we try to find acne and pimples treatment out there, it means that we actually do not take acne problem lightly. It is inevitable because acne, especially on our face, will make our face looks worse. Now, let’s learn more about acne and how to cure this problem as follow.

Acne Signs And Symptoms

In the first place, it must be great if we can study the sign and symptom of acne first. Here are several signs and symptoms that we can find alongside with acne.

  • Blackheads, it is when small dot with black color starts to appear on your skin. It usually appears around your chin, forehead and also the nose.
  • Pustules and papules, this one is what we called a pimple. When acne and pimples treatment is basically the same, the symptom of this kind of acne includes a bump in small to medium size.
  • Scars, it is common that you will have that kind of scars when you get acne and also pimples especially if you get cysts or nodules one.

Top Home Remedies To Cure Acne

Then, what kind of home remedies that we can use to cure this problem? Fortunately, there are easy home remedies that you can use to take care of acne. Let’s find it out as follow.

  • Honey and yogurt mask

First, if you have honey and yogurt in your fridge, you can consider making this kind of remedy to treat your problem. Here, you just need to mix the ingredient and apply it to your face as a mask.

  • Honey and cinnamon mask

Next, you can also make homemade honey and cinnamon mask for your acne and pimples treatment. It will be a good mask since it offers the benefit of anti-inflammatory.


Do you like to eat meat? What is it? Some people with the goals of losing fat will eat more protein sources than people who need to lose the weight only. You will find it is good to get more muscles than fat. If you have the same goals as people who want to lose fat and gain more muscles; you can read the information here about the animal protein sources.

The Several Animal Protein Sources for Several Health Benefits

You should prepare these sources of protein your refrigerator and get your health and protein goals from these:

  1. The pasture-raised chicken is high in protein; it is about 23 g protein. Then, it is lean and good sources of vitamin B6 and niacin.
  2. You should get the wild-caught salmon for your omega 3 fatty acids needs, selenium, and vitamin D, vitamins B3, B6, and B5. Then, there is potassium source as well.
  3. Do you like beef? You should get the grass-fed beef for the needs of conjugate linoleum acid that will lower your cancer risk. It also has omega 3 fatty acids. This beer also has antioxidant vitamins.
  4. You should get the grass-fed bison to get the lean source of protein, vitamin B12, selenium, zinc, iron, and niacin.
  5. You should get the pasture-raised eggs for the choline and omega 3 fatty acids. Then, it contains carotenoids that are good for your eyes and it has more minerals and vitamins.

So, those are the sources of protein from the animal. They are having the best taste of meat. You can consume the protein source every day based on your needs. Then, if you are vegetarian or vegan, you can find out more about the protein sources in different articles. Ok, you can start to cook your protein source today for you and your family.


Do not ever think that the health tips are only suitable to be applied by the sick people. Of course, the sick people must apply the healthy tips because, by that, it will make them become healthy. If they do not do that, of course, they might be difficult to be healed. It is because the medicine that is consumed by the sick people does not react well to them if they do not hard and try to be healthy; such as they do not eat their meal and do not let them you have enough sleep. Normal people or people in normal body condition which is not sick, they also must use the health tips because, by the tips, it will help them to avoid the sick.

Health Tips to Be Happy

Actually, most of the sick is happening because of the viruses or bad bacteria that attacking them. But for normal people, it may be because they have a strong immune system that makes the bad bacteria cannot attack them. For many people who have a disease because of the viruses but if you do not get the viruses, it means that they have a strong immune system. It makes normal people is healthy.

For healthy people, from now, you must care for many things in your activity if because you do not want to get sick, you must not get stress. To do that, you must fit and always fresh every day. You must live with healthy such as you must eat your breakfast. You must stop smoking and you cannot drink carbonated water. You should do sport once in a week and exercise every day. You cannot be tired, so you must have enough sleep, etc. Those are the ways normal people in their life. From their healthy habit, it makes them are avoiding the sick. Their condition is never being bad, so they will live with happily.


Have you felt down in the morning? Or, did you wake up in bad mood in this morning? It must be the bad and annoying one. You might try to get earlier but your mood still feeling at east. Actually, there are some ways to brighten up in the morning. You can do some ways to wake up in good mood. By waking up in good mood, your day will be brighter later on. In brighter mood, you can even do all work well. So, it is time to do some ways to make your early morning with bright mood.

How to Wake Up in Good Mood

Waking up in the morning is not an easy job when you have a long day before that. Moreover, waking up in good mood is not easy when you felt on the east day before. However, there is still some way to make sure that your next day will brighten up. There are some simple ways to make you wake up in good mood for the next day. For the first, you have to go to your bed early. One of the problems that makes you in bad mood after waking up is you do not have enough sleep.

Second, you can also try to turn off your electronics right before you will go to the bed. In a simple way, the darkness means to sleep while light means to wake up. So, you can train your mind and body to get this alarm. Moreover, sleeping under the light on is not something good for your health. Just try to get yourself asleep by turning off your lamp. Third, you can try to boost up your mood and sleep cycle by doing exercise. Do exercise routinely, so you will get healthier body and mind. Then, you can even control your mood.


Have you taken your breakfast today? For your information, breakfast is really important for your health. You cannot even skip your breakfast for a day. Why? Because there are a hundred benefits of taking breakfast every day. Although you are on diet, you still have to take breakfast. It is even the important time to eat when you are diet. However, this importance sometimes is forgotten by some people. Busy day or other excuse are some problems that make people did not have their breakfast. How busy your life is, don’t forget to grab your meal in the morning.

The Importance of Having Breakfast

There are some benefits of having breakfast. It is not only as the start supply of your body, but breakfast also takes its role in building a more healthy life. So, here are some benefits of taking breakfast every day:

  • Breakfast Effectively Avoid Overeating

One of the most important of having breakfast is you will never be overeating. As mentioned before, breakfast becomes a starting point for your body to get supply. Moreover, breakfast also gives you to get more blood sugar level. The lower you have lower blood sugar, the hungrier you will be for a day.

  • Breakfast Gives More Energy for A Day

Breakfast is like a fuel for your body. You can start your day by eating a healthier meal in the morning. As mentioned in the previous point, breakfast is a starting point so you have to make sure that you get a right meal for your breakfast. You cannot take a random meal for your breakfast. Still, you have to grab a healthy food to boost your energy in a day.

  • Breakfast Help to Increase Concentration Level

Have you ever lose concentration while working or studying? Just grab your breakfast every day, so you will increase more concentration.


Although rosacea is a common skin disease, it is very annoying to have it. This disease can affect your facial skin badly. Therefore, rosacea suffers need moisturizer for rosacea skin. The symptoms of rosacea are acne-like breakouts, redness, swelling, and even eye problems. Some rosacea suffers can also experience physical pain in some part of their bodies. Not only that, but rosacea suffers also experience emotional pain too. Since the symptoms are severe, they tend to feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. Sadly, there is no cure for this skin disease. However, you can use natural moisturizer to help soothe your skin.

Natural Moisturizer For Rosacea Skin

The first natural moisturizer for rosacea skin is green tea. This drink is not only beneficial for our body but also for our skin. You need to make a cup of green tea and then freeze it in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. In the chilled tea, dab cotton in it then applies to your face or affected area. Green tea contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help to soothe the redness and, of course, inflammation. You can also drink green tea regularly since it contains antioxidant too so free radical will be gone from your skin.

The next moisturizer is oatmeal. We told you, our recommendation to treat rosacea is easy and cheap. So does the oatmeal. This food is very delicious to be eaten for breakfast but you can also use it to cure rosacea. You need to the blender a grind of a handful of oats and then mix it with enough water. Use this as a mask. Leave it for 30 minutes. And finally, wash your face with cool water. It’s better if you use it before bedtime as your night moisturizer. Oat has any great nutrients and it can calm your skin. Visit for more moisturizer for rosacea skin.