Cross Breeding Pomsky Dog as Pet

I am sure you will never handle the cuteness of Pomsky dog just only look into the pictures of them on the internet. Do you want it? Here I will give you several information about Pomsky as your pet at home. You will love it or even not really love it. Most people love this dog because of many reasons such as the size and the good temperament of it. See more about Pomsky here.

The Cute Cross Breeding Pomsky for Best Pet

Pomsky is the cross-breeding among Pomeranian male and Siberian husky female. If you know the look of Siberian husky, you surely will know the result of the breeding will produce the same look but smaller size. Isn’t it cute? You will see them as the mix of Pomeranian and the beautiful husky. Here is the more info about Pomsky dog:

  1. They are easy to train with reward train. It is very useful if you just have a puppy of Pomsky. You better use that method.
  2. The temperament of Pomsky is very loving, playful, and highly intelligent dog. It is also very protective of the owner.
  3. They have a small size and weight. It is about twenty to thirty pounds only. It is so cute and you can use it as your child first dog.
  4. They have different color and type. It is because of the mix breeding. You will have many options for this dog.

So, do you want more information about this cute dog? For you who do not want to have a too big dog like husky but love the color and look; you may try this dog. You may find more information about this dog here: Pomsky dog. You will know several type and colors of the Pomsky and all the useful info about the temperament and where to get it. That is all.