Different Kind of Human Body

Everyone turns out to have different body types and each has different characteristics also in dealing with it. Especially for those of you who are lowering or raising weight. There are several ways to train the body to get used and do not feel forced when we do sports or other activities.

The Body Types and Exercises

Ectomorph is a skinny and somewhat difficult form to build muscle in this body. Weight gain and autonomy require patience because it takes a longer time to reach and is difficult to maintain. This type is very slim with just a little body fat and muscle mass. This body is suitable to be an athlete with skills such as marathon distance or model world. Ectomorph type should eat more calories in the diet to gain weight. Mesomorph is the ideal body type because this body shape is more athletic with a solid body and muscular with a sturdy look. This type is usually the easiest to form the body and get the optimal muscle mass. Last is Endomorph, usually shown in those who have a round body shape, stocky and usually big. People with this type of body are difficult to lose weight. A healthy diet and regular exercise are very important to be done by people who have this body type. the food portion should be smaller and more frequent but with a balanced diet. Eat every 3 hours once or as much as 6 times a day to smooth metabolism. Reduce carbohydrates and increase protein during the diet.

The exercise tips are, do more weight training to build muscle with fewer reps and heavy loads. Rest time should be enough. Separate exercise time 2 to 3 days to rest to the next exercise if you are ectomorph type. For mesomorph, weight training as much as at least 3 times per week and aerobics every day or on certain days only. Prioritize exercises to achieve your goals.

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