Effect Of Fibrous Food For Health

Health careOne of the nutrients needed by the human body is vitamins, various vitamins we can find the type of food we eat because vitamins are not produced by the body but from other living things that are plants. People who are experts in their health is always advocated to eat fruits after eating as a dessert because it is an additional nutrient so that the food we eat every day is worth the balance. Fiber is very influential on human health, its role can facilitate the process of digestion, accelerate the work of the heart, liver, kidneys and also can monitor the glucose content in the blood so it will spare of the disease, especially diabetes. According to the ADA (American Dietetic Association) revealed that the needs of fiber for early childhood about 10 grams while for adult age is 10-13 grams / 1000kcal. Fiber is widely contained in fruits that are why it is strongly recommended to eat fruit after eating. With the appropriate fiber intake, it will help smooth the body’s performance in maintaining health.

Eliminate Toxic In The Body

Protecting health is a must. To be protected from toxic then we are advised to eat healthy food and highly nutritious and not eat hawker snacks. While still in small quantities, the effects of toxins have not felt the disruption to the body, but after consuming food carelessly with the food content is not desired by the body, the content of these foods will turn into toxins that are very harmful to your body health.

Then how to eliminate toxic in the body? The spread of toxins in the body faster than how to eliminate them. Therefore, the intake of food we eat should always be monitored not to contain the content that is not needed by the body, nutrients that are not needed by the body can be an enemy for the body because they turn into deadly toxins and disrupt the process of metabolism in your body. Taking medication to a doctor and starting a healthy life is one way to remove toxins from within the body.

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