All About GTA: SA Lite

gta sa liteThe GTA San Andreas Lite is known as the small version of the GTA San Andreas which is also known as GTA: SA. As a popular game, there is no doubt that this game becomes a hot item especially for them who want to play Grand Theft Auto but they cannot afford to download and install the actual version of the game on their device. Then, what should we know more about the game? Let’s check this information as follow for further explanation about the game.

GTA San Andreas Lite: All You Need To Know

Now that we are discussing this popular game, we must know first about the size of the game since it is reported to be the smaller version of the Grand Theft Auto game. For the lite version, the game is about 700 MB only when you download the file. Nevertheless, as you extract the file, you may get your GTA San Andreas Lite expand into 1.3GB. We can say it is still quite big for you who do not have much available memory on your device. Then, how about the minimum requirement for playing the game on your device? Let’s check this out!

Since the lite version is more likely to be played on Android devices, the minimum requirement for the device is to run the Android 4.0. Then, for the minimal RAM specification, your phone must at least have 1GB of RAM. The game is possible to be played both offline and online. So, it will be very easy for you to make the best of your time playing this game. To get the game, you can download the Apk file on the internet and then install the game to your phone. If you have finished, you can then play the GTA San Andreas Lite on your phone.

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