Guide To Live Long

Health lifeIf you are thinking that there are spells or sorcery tricks to live long, then you are wrong. In this real world, there are no such a magic or sorcery. We live and death depends on God. Although we live and death depends on God, we can actually try and put some efforts to live long. There are actually secrets to live long enough. But, don’t hope that you will live at least one century because this secret is realistic. The secret is live healthily. Well, that’s it. That’s the only secret to live long. With a healthy body, at least you can be healthy in older days, avoiding any fatal disease in older days, and live long enough by avoiding fatal disease. With a healthy body, we can at least avoid being death by disease. Still, we can’t avoid being death by accident, so don’t hope this secret can help you really much. The human lifespan is at least 70-80 years, this secret only had you to have a better chance to live long, and there are no possible sure you will live long enough.

How To Keep A Healthy Body For Living Long Enough?

Human body had a lifespan, and it is 70-80. The cause of death also varies from disease, accident, murder, old ages and much more. If we want to live long enough, what we can do is to try keeping a healthy life. We can’t avoid other death factors such as accident since it depends on our luck and destiny. To keep a healthy life, we need to start it from younger ages. We need to start live healthily from younger ages to avoid bitter regrets in older days caused by the serious disease.

Well, it is actually pretty simple things to do, to keep a healthy life. We will need to avoid some bad habits that can cause serious disease in older days such as smoking and drinking. These two habits are the main cause of some dangerous disease such as cancer and diabetes. Other than avoiding this habit, we also need to exercise our body. Exercise is a way to train our body to be stronger and better.

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