How To Handle Pms

Health tipsPMS or known as Pre-Menstruation Syndrome is a common condition where the mood becomes swing easily. It is generally a usual symptom that most women feel before they get menstruation. Normally, they become easy to get mad, sad, or cry because of little matters. Unfortunately, this condition could interrupt the social relation despite reducing its’ productivity level. How happy to see some women can get a day off for this syndrome, but for them who do not have this chance, they should develop simple ways to maintain this matter.

The basic need that women should pay attention when they become close to menstruation date is by reducing salty foods. Chips, cassava snacks, and many other foods can be turned into taking sliced fruits and vegetables. Besides that, it is strongly suggested to control fatty foods consumed. It is strongly advised not to take cheese, fat meat, and fried foods that contain high cholesterol level. As for talking about portion, it is needed to take meals little but render than taking one big portion at once. It is very common to see the PMS is getting worst while they have empty stomach no matter would that means.

The other way to reduce this symptom is by making sure the need in sugar supplied well. a cup of tea or chocolate bar can be consumed to avoid the swing mood. However, sugar is known as a source of energy for the brain. Taking less sugar will make them unhappy. Meanwhile, for them who have a tight schedule, they need to take magnesium and vitamin E like spinach, and another green vegetable. To keep the body hydrated, people need to consume mineral water in enough amounts. At night, when they feel hungry, they can take milk to keep them relaxed and the mood stable all day long.