Monitor Asus ROG Swift Pros Cons

Monitor Asus ROG SwiftIt is no secret that you always want to play a game on such amazing display so that you can feel the real sensation. Monitor Asus ROG Swift seems to be a good choice if you want to make it possible. As a gaming monitor, you can expect for an amazing display that you always want as a gamer. Since it is specially created for gaming needs, you can use the monitor without feeling betrayed by the performance and visual. Now, let’s check the pros and cons of the monitor as follow.

Monitor Asus ROG Swift Pros and Cons

It must be good if we can talk about the pros of this Asus ROG Swift first. When it comes to the PG279Q series, this monitor is surely great in case of image quality. You should not worry about the picture quality since it is found to be a very good even for a gaming monitor. Moreover, monitor Asus ROG Swift also offers IPS quality as well as quick refresh rate that you can find it in one package. Then, you can also expect for a nice build quality even at the first glance. More importantly, it is possible for you to achieve the superb experience of playing the game when using this monitor.

When there are several benefits of using this monitor for upgrading your experience on playing your preferred game, there are unfortunately some cons that are not important when you can get all of the benefits before. Considering the specification of the monitor and also the quality, there is no doubt that this monitor comes with such costly price. Moreover, there is also a report for quality control issue. But, it is not a big deal. You may also miss some connectivity when using this monitor. That’s all several pros and cons of monitor Asus ROG Swift.