No Wifi Needed Games

These games are no wifi needed games. As the name said, these games don’t require you to have internet connection or Wifi. So, there are no data charges to play these games. You can play these games whenever you want and wherever you go. A good game on your smartphone is a must! There are many games that you can play anytime without having to think about data charge. Sometimes there is a game where you have to unlock the next level by accessing data.

Best No Wi-Fi Needed Games

If you love to play an exciting game, you can install Badland. It is a 2D runner game. So, the character has to run to win the game. The game is set in an exotic forest. And there are various residents too in this game. You need to check each resident to know how the game works. Moreover. There is a mystery behind this forest. When you explore the forest and the residents, there are obstacles and traps that you need to overcome. As one of no wifi needed games, there are more than 10 million people who download this game.

The next game is Minecraft Pocket edition. Mojang is the developer behind this game. As we know that Minecraft is an adventure game. You can put a lot of your creativity into this game. Minecraft is set in an infinite world where you are allowed to use a cube and you can create your own world. That’s why we said that you can pour your creativity into this game. You can build your world from buildings, bridges, parks, and other things by using the available materials such as brick, dirt, sand, stone, and so on. The game also has some modes and one of them is survival mode. That’s our recommendation for no wifi needed games.