Optimizing Your Bromo One Day Trip

bromo tour package

If you want to submit a mountain but you don’t have to spend the nights in the tent, or you want to submit a mountain easily, then Bromo tour is your choice. Located in Indonesia, East Java, Mount Bromo does one of the prettiest mountains you can see. The summit is reachable and you will experience something different as you go there. This location is rich with culture and you can experience the real sensation of being in Java land. Don’t worry, you will make your trip unforgettable if you can find the best travel agent for your trip. In this case, there is a simple trip for everyone who wishes to go to beautiful Bromo.

Fast Bromo Trip For The Hustler

If you need a getaway in a weekend, then getting into this trip package is recommended. This is a great opportunity for you to consider your trip as fast, quick and easy. So when you consider choosing this trip package, you can also wish that you will be able in sticking with an on-time schedule for the trip. So, if you are interested, you can review this one day Bromo tour overview. First, you will be picked up by the team from hotel, airport or station at 12 AM. Then, you will be traveling for 3 hours to Mt. Penanjakan 1 for stargazing and see the beautiful sunrise.

After you have been satisfied seeing the scenery, then you will be traveling to the sea of sand and get ready to hike to Bromo crater. This is a very good experience for you and your family since you will be able in managing your time and schedule. Besides, you will also experience unique things as you go summiting. The first is you can experience summiting on the back of a horse! You will also get the chance for hiking to the crater on foot. But you don’t have to be worried since you will experience easy summiting due to the existence of stairs. Make sure you get your place in