If you are installing Windows 10 on your personal computer, you may know that there is Cortana as your virtual assistant. If you might ever download Bonzi Buddy in the past and you do not want to get something like virtual assistant again after that bad experience, you should not worry to find thing like that here because we are going to discuss some best alternative for your Windows desktop.

Top Alternative Virtual Assistant For Windows

  1. Braina

In the first place, we have Braina which is a freeware that you can use for your Windows. In addition to the free version, there is also the Pro version which costs you $29. This assistant will help you to set reminder and alarm, to save your notes, to open particular websites and also to play songs you like. For the Pro version, you can expect more features as well.

  1. Denise

Secondly, there is an alternative to your past Bonzi Buddy which is called Denise. This VA software is not available for free even there is a free version which is stripped down. It has both male and female avatar as well as robot avatar which can do many features as your virtual assistant.

  1. Jarvis Lite

Next, if you are more interested in the one that is available for free, you can consider about downloading Jarvis Lite. This is another freeware which you can find easily on the internet. It offers you some features including doing your command to play songs, send and also open emails, launch certain software and more.

Those are several alternative virtual assistants for your Windows desktop. If you need to know more about the software, you can check it on the internet. However, if you want to know more about the Bonzi Buddy, you can go to any source that still offers its information.


Raising a dog is a lovely one. You can raise them into the lovely dog if you can train and treat them well. Do you want to raise pitbull puppies? It is a good idea. Some people might think that pitbull is an aggressive dog. However, you can turn them into cutie one when you can treat them in a proper way. So, how to treat the pitbull to be an unaggressive dog?

Tips To Treat Your Pitbull In Healthy Ways

If you want to make your pitbull puppies be unaggressive, so you can try to follow these tips:

  1. Train them in proper way

If you do not want to make your pitbulls become aggressive dogs, so make sure that they got proper training. You can hire the experienced trainer to train your dogs. Moreover, you have also take a big role in training them well.


  1. Feed them more nutrients meals

For healthier condition, you have to concerns about your puppies’ meals. You cannot give them random meals. For the best recommendation, you can get a consultation with the vet first to measure how much each your dogs have to eat.


  1. Take them to medical center routinely

To avoid any virus and rabies, you have to give them vaccinations routinely. So, make sure that all your puppies get medical treatment and vaccinations well.


  1. Let them take more exercise

Exercise will not only make your puppies healthier, but it will also let them be happier. Take them for short walking or playing fetch. It will let them interact well with you.


  1. Socialize them with other

Besides interacting with you, your pitbull puppies also need to interact with other people and animals. So, you can try to train them met with new people and animals as soon as possible.


Having a meal time is what we are waiting for especially for those who work in certain company. Lunch is the best time to eat any foods that you want. If we are talking about meal time, most of you are going to lie down your body to take a rest for a while or sleeping after it. Do you know that your habit is not good for your health?

3 Things to Avoid After Meal Time

You should know that your habit is bad for you no matter what your reason is. You should keep sitting down after meal time and you should not take a sleep although just for a while because it can make your digest system will not work very well. There are 3 things you should not do after meal time. The things are:

  1. Don’t sleep after it. You should know that the digest system needs more time to digest and absorb any vitamins and minerals. It takes for around 3 hours after you eat the foods. Thus, if you want to take a nap, it will be better if you do it before lunch.
  2. Doesn’t drink the water directly after meal time. Well, it may sound weird why you should not drink after you eat something. However, it is true if you want to get the maximum absorption of the nutrients from the food that you eat, it will be better if you drink after 2 hours.
  3. Don’t get any hard exercises or activities like running, jumping, or any other exercises after your meal time.

Those are the things you should avoid after you have meal time to make sure you get the nutrition from the food that you are consuming in the best way. It also will help your digest system to work in the right way.


As one of the most common problems that are possible to happen to everyone, acne is actually something that we should not be afraid of. However, as we try to find acne and pimples treatment out there, it means that we actually do not take acne problem lightly. It is inevitable because acne, especially on our face, will make our face looks worse. Now, let’s learn more about acne and how to cure this problem as follow.

Acne Signs And Symptoms

In the first place, it must be great if we can study the sign and symptom of acne first. Here are several signs and symptoms that we can find alongside with acne.

  • Blackheads, it is when small dot with black color starts to appear on your skin. It usually appears around your chin, forehead and also the nose.
  • Pustules and papules, this one is what we called a pimple. When acne and pimples treatment is basically the same, the symptom of this kind of acne includes a bump in small to medium size.
  • Scars, it is common that you will have that kind of scars when you get acne and also pimples especially if you get cysts or nodules one.

Top Home Remedies To Cure Acne

Then, what kind of home remedies that we can use to cure this problem? Fortunately, there are easy home remedies that you can use to take care of acne. Let’s find it out as follow.

  • Honey and yogurt mask

First, if you have honey and yogurt in your fridge, you can consider making this kind of remedy to treat your problem. Here, you just need to mix the ingredient and apply it to your face as a mask.

  • Honey and cinnamon mask

Next, you can also make homemade honey and cinnamon mask for your acne and pimples treatment. It will be a good mask since it offers the benefit of anti-inflammatory.


You know how hard to manage employees, right? Especially, if the employees are so much more than fifty people. So, here I will tell you about Adp Workforce that can be the tools to help you manage your employees or people. Well, do you want to know what the program can do to help you? You can continue to read the next paragraphs.

How ADP Workforce Become Tools To Help Managing Employees

You know, you will see many things related to human resources is very complicated and hard to handle. For example, you will need to handle the tax accounting, the payroll data, and the attendance of employees and so on. So, here are how the Adp Workforce will help you to manage the employees:

  1. The tax accounting and payroll. Well, you should not worry about the accounting of the taxes for your employees anymore. You will be helped by the program to know the accounting and the real-time payroll. Well, the employees could find out about the salary as well easily.
  2. There is the management of human resourcing such as the recruitment until the retirement of the employees. Well, here you will see the human resources will be redefined. You will find your duty will be easier to do.
  3. The time and attendance. You will see the whole performance of the employees and how many they attend the office. You will not need to worry about the balances of salary with the time and attendances. You will get the right information from the program.
  4. Self-service for the employees. Your employees will have the account to log in to the program to know about their own salary and tax accounting. Not only that, they will know about their own attendance and others.

Click to know more about the program and database manager. Therefore, you can see how this program will be good for you. That is all.


When we are talking about furniture, we cannot deny that wood has become one of the most materials used to create furniture. There is sugar wood furniture, teak wood furniture and other wood furniture available in the marketplace. It is even safe to say that whatever you image for wood furniture can be, there will be the one that you imagine in the market.

Different Types Of Wood Used For Furniture

When we are trying to learn more about wooden furniture, we should not miss information about different types of wood that are commonly used to make furniture. Here are some of the options that you can find.

  • Pine: Pine is one of the types of wood which is used to make furniture. Pinewood furniture is usually affordable. However, it is considered as less durable wood if compared with other wood options like oak or maple.
  • Suar: Suar wood furniture is known for its unique grain which makes it into a good thing to personalize our space. Suar wood itself is more commonly to found in Southeast Asia country like Indonesia. It is also known as long-lasting wood that we can count on.
  • Maple: Another durable wood available for furniture is maple. This wood is also heavier and strong. It is an idea for you who need furniture that can stand for years. It has a pale natural color which looks good for any furniture.

Where The Source To Find Them

Now that you have known more about wood furniture, you may like to know where we can find any wood furniture we like to have. It is actually easy since we can simply visit online wood furniture shop to look any wood furniture that we love to have. If you need a recommendation, you can visit to discover lots of beautiful wood furniture.


Acura is now rumored to work with their new 2019 Acura TLX which is expected to be published in the market in the early of 2019. As one of the most popular models of Acura, the TLX can be one of the most awaited sedans that are rumored to be initially sold in the next season. Now, let’s learn further about the new TLX on this following information.


For the exterior side, it seems like the new TLX will not come with so much different for its exterior. Even though it is rumored to appear in a new style and also design, the overall exterior is not so different. Some changes on the exterior may only about the material of the parts. In this case, it is said that the manufacturer will make use of lighter material for the exterior.


For the interior, it is safe to say that the 2019 Acura TLX will come up with the elegant and pleasant look. You can expect for premium leather for its elegant seat upholstery. Moreover, the in-car features are also various. It can be sure that you will get the most of your driving once you drive this car. You can expect for upgraded entertainment feature which includes better audio and screen.


Under the hood, we can expect for new change on the engine. There will be two optional engines that are provided by the manufacturer. In this case, it offers 3.5-liter V6 4-cylinder and 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine.

Price And Release Date

Then, how much that you need to get the car and when will it be released? For the price, there is no official information yet about this one. Then for the release date, you can check the updated information about it at this following link: That’s all!


Do you like to eat meat? What is it? Some people with the goals of losing fat will eat more protein sources than people who need to lose the weight only. You will find it is good to get more muscles than fat. If you have the same goals as people who want to lose fat and gain more muscles; you can read the information here about the animal protein sources.

The Several Animal Protein Sources for Several Health Benefits

You should prepare these sources of protein your refrigerator and get your health and protein goals from these:

  1. The pasture-raised chicken is high in protein; it is about 23 g protein. Then, it is lean and good sources of vitamin B6 and niacin.
  2. You should get the wild-caught salmon for your omega 3 fatty acids needs, selenium, and vitamin D, vitamins B3, B6, and B5. Then, there is potassium source as well.
  3. Do you like beef? You should get the grass-fed beef for the needs of conjugate linoleum acid that will lower your cancer risk. It also has omega 3 fatty acids. This beer also has antioxidant vitamins.
  4. You should get the grass-fed bison to get the lean source of protein, vitamin B12, selenium, zinc, iron, and niacin.
  5. You should get the pasture-raised eggs for the choline and omega 3 fatty acids. Then, it contains carotenoids that are good for your eyes and it has more minerals and vitamins.

So, those are the sources of protein from the animal. They are having the best taste of meat. You can consume the protein source every day based on your needs. Then, if you are vegetarian or vegan, you can find out more about the protein sources in different articles. Ok, you can start to cook your protein source today for you and your family.


Do you like seaweed? Seaweed is known as the best food with a lot of benefits. You can also find seaweed as the main ingredient for some healthy food. Nowadays, dried seaweed is the most popular one. You can even find in every supermarket near your home. Then, have you ever known the production of seaweed? There is some process that has been done to get high-quality seaweed product. If you are curious, so you can see the Indonesia seaweed farming as an example of how the production of seaweed is.

Method Of Seaweed Farming

For your information, there are some methods done by seaweed farmer to get high-quality seaweed. The farmed seaweed will be processed to the next production based on the product that will be produced. In Indonesia seaweed farming, there are some methods. Here are system methods for farming seaweed:

  • Floating Methods

The floating method is used for the deeper area. This farming system is usually found in the area that has weak water movement, so it must be supported more to grow more seaweed. The farmers also take this method for an area that has irregular bottom topography.


  • Method of Fixed off-Bottom Monoline

The method of fixed off-bottom monoline has some process. There is a construction that will support the system which is like staging monofilament. Then, the water will be streamed deeply so the plants will not be exposed by sun and air.

For the process of seaweed farming, it takes around 20-22 weeks. In the first 10 weeks, there will be immature seaweed which contains carrageenan. Then, it can be cropped after 10-12 weeks later. In most Indonesia seaweed farming, the process is sorted, cleaned, and freed well. So, it can produce the well quality of seaweed. After this forming process, the seaweed can be produced into some products.


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Shrimp, one of the most popular seafood which many people love so much and it has been a good source of protein for body health.  Because of the nutrition inside it, ordering shrimp from shrimp suppliers Indonesia is something common.  Yes, many people love to consume it hence there are many people who order this seafood. However, do you know how to order shrimp from a supplier?  For those who haven’t known well about this issue, below is the explanation you need to understand more.

Step To Order Shrimp

In ordering shrimp from shrimp suppliers Indonesia indeed you cannot ignore several steps here. The first one is you need to know the shrimp supplier which you will choose. In this case, you may find that there are some suppliers of this seafood, but one thing you should know is not all of them is a good one.  Hence choosing the trusted supplier is a must.

Then about the second step is you should contact the supplier factory. You may get the number of the factory in many ways including searching it on the internet. Making sure that the number is right so you can ask any questions relating to the ways of ordering the shrimp.

After you have ordered the shrimp products as you want to, now it’s time to check the shipping issues in which it is an important issue that you don’t ever forget. Ensuring if all the documents needed to ship the products have been completed and legal so there will not be any problem with your order. Also, you need to make sure if the supplier also has legal documents for shipping issues.

In the next step after all the things above having been done is you need to pay your shrimp order depending on the agreement having been made. In short,  with all the things you have read before, now you have understood about ordering shrimp from shrimp suppliers Indonesia,  haven’t you?


Many people are not familiar with carrageenan, maybe some people are just heard about that. What is carrageenan? Carrageenan is one of seaweed processed product that has various functions and benefits. Carrageenan is used in making various kinds of the food product, pharmacy and cosmetic also other industry needs. The main function of carrageenan is as thickener, stabilizer, gelling agent, emulsifier, and so on. Carrageenan itself is a polysaccharide compound produced from the process of seaweed extraction. Indonesia is one of the carrageenan producers. Indonesia carrageenan manufacturers have produced one of the best quality in the world.

Carrageenan In Indonesia

In fact, the technology used in making carrageenan is simple, it can be done in small scale or home industry. In Indonesia, though Indonesia carrageenan manufacturers have produced a very good quality product, yet carrageenan industry in household-scale is not so popular even though Indonesia itself is a country with the largest carrageenan seaweed raw materials in the world. The reason may be because of opinion in the society that carrageenan industry is must be built on a large scale.

The process is not very complicated, but it takes precision in making the mixing composition which will determine the success in making carrageenan. The procedure is:

  1. The first step that must be done in the carrageenan making process is the clearance of seaweed that will be processed.
  2. The second step is extraction. Soaking the seaweed in water with a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.
  3. The next process after extraction is filtering.
  4. Carrageenan deposition is done by pouring the heated carotid filtrate into isopropyl solution while stirring for 15 minutes, to form carrageen fibers.
  5. Then, the carrageenan fibers are dried within a vacuum dryer at 60 degrees Celsius to dry. Then milled to obtain carrageen powder.

What are the steps in Indonesia Carrageenan Manufacturers?


Do not ever think that the health tips are only suitable to be applied by the sick people. Of course, the sick people must apply the healthy tips because, by that, it will make them become healthy. If they do not do that, of course, they might be difficult to be healed. It is because the medicine that is consumed by the sick people does not react well to them if they do not hard and try to be healthy; such as they do not eat their meal and do not let them you have enough sleep. Normal people or people in normal body condition which is not sick, they also must use the health tips because, by the tips, it will help them to avoid the sick.

Health Tips to Be Happy

Actually, most of the sick is happening because of the viruses or bad bacteria that attacking them. But for normal people, it may be because they have a strong immune system that makes the bad bacteria cannot attack them. For many people who have a disease because of the viruses but if you do not get the viruses, it means that they have a strong immune system. It makes normal people is healthy.

For healthy people, from now, you must care for many things in your activity if because you do not want to get sick, you must not get stress. To do that, you must fit and always fresh every day. You must live with healthy such as you must eat your breakfast. You must stop smoking and you cannot drink carbonated water. You should do sport once in a week and exercise every day. You cannot be tired, so you must have enough sleep, etc. Those are the ways normal people in their life. From their healthy habit, it makes them are avoiding the sick. Their condition is never being bad, so they will live with happily.


Now that you found a seafood recipe in the online cooking tutorial that seems delicious, you may want to try cooking the recipe. At this point, you may find that there is shrimp on the list of ingredients. We can find Asian tiger shrimp suppliers soon when the shrimp needed is tiger shrimp or we can come to nearby fish market to find fresh pink shrimp. Then, what else?

Tips For Buying Shrimp

Before you cook the shrimp, of course, you need to shop for the shrimp first. If you do not know how to start, here are some tips for buying shrimp that you can follow.

  • First, you must think about the size that you would like to buy. Actually, there is no standard size, but you can follow the way the retailers do the measurement.
  • Second, you must think a species to buy. There are more than 300 shrimp species out there. Some of the popular one includes tiger shrimp. You can find this shrimp in Asian tiger shrimp suppliers.
  • Third, you must make sure to come to the reliable supplier to get the high-quality one.

Tips For Cooking Shrimp

After buying the shrimp, now you are ready to cook. Here are some tips for cooking shrimp that may help you to get the most of your cooking time.

  • Do brine. It is a good idea to do this step when cooking shrimp since it is able to enhance the texture and also the flavor of most shrimp varieties.
  • Do peeling. You need to peel the shell before you cook the shrimp especially if you are going to serve it in hot liquid. However, you can keep it if you prefer to grill the shrimp.

That’s all about buying and cooking tips for shrimp. If you are interested to buy tiger shrimp, you can go on with Asian tiger shrimp suppliers out there.


White shrimp is an ingredient that has much nutrition so it will be great for your body. Therefore, it’s important to know how to choose the right shrimp if you want to get the benefits. Choosing the right shrimp is necessary since it’s not about for the taste only, but also for your own safety. If you want to get the benefits of shrimp, you need to pick the shrimp that doesn’t smell like ammonia. If you buy low-quality shrimp, you can’t get the benefits. So you need to pick the good one.

The Pros Of White Shrimp

White shrimp is a high-in-benefit food that you need to eat daily. By eating shrimp, it can increase your overall health. Moreover, the taste is delicious and the price is cheap. You need to take a look at the benefits if shrimp below.

  1. Weight loss

The first benefit will make people that gain weigh happy since they can lose their weight in a delicious way. Shrimp is rich in protein and vitamin D. You can always put shrimp on your diet menu. Moreover, shrimp is a great source of zinc. It can help your body to increase the leptin level in your body, it is a hormone that plays the role of your appetite, energy, and fat storage. If your leptin level increase, you can prevent overeating so you can lose weight.

  1. Control energy

White shrimp also rich in iodine. Iodine can help your body to control how much energy that will be expended when your body is at rest. Iodine can also interact with the thyroid gland so it can speed up the thyroid activity.

Shrimp has great benefits. You can cook them every day as your meal. There are more benefits of shrimp. If you want to know more, check