play storeEven though it is wiser to download and install games or apps in Android by using Google Play Store, there is no doubt that many users of Android try to search for alternatives for this official store. Fortunately, there are some apps which we can consider when we are trying to search for alternatives for Google Play. However, you should remember that some of them may offer you piracy app and you must know that it is a crime. So, you should make sure that you can use it wisely.

5 Best Alternatives For Google Play Store

To give you some examples, there will be five best alternatives for Google Play which we are going to introduce here. In the first place, there is Blackmart. This alternative Android market is actually popular among many users of Android. It is possible for you to get a taste for any app available for Android when you install this alternative Play Store in your devices. In the second place, there is 1Mobile Market. This one is also a good alternative for Google Play. It has a beautiful design and unlimited access to install any app available for Android. Just get the upgraded version of this app to get such unlimited access.

Moreover, we should not forget to mention GetAPK as another great alternative Android store. If you want to get free apps or even paid apps for free, this app can be your solution. It is even possible for you to find various app versions in the app. It makes you able to upgrade and downgrade your app easily. Another app that we should remember is Mobogenie Market. You can get the full version of this app on its website to find out unlimited access. At last, there is 4Shared which you can use as an alternative for Play Store.


Health careAre you ever consuming date palm fruit? Almost people should know about this fruit which comes from Arab, with the hot temperature. Some people should know that this fruit has the sweet taste with the dark color of this fruit. In this era, there is some kind of meals or cake which choose the date palm as the main materials or the additional materials. So, what is the healthy benefit of the date palm? If you want to know more about this information, stay on in this article and don’t go anywhere.

Date Palm Fruit For Your Health

In this modern era, it’s very easy to find the date palm fruit which has the original ecosystem in the Arabic which has the high temperature to complete your daily meals. Besides the taste of this date palm fruit is sweet, there are some benefits of this fruit for your healthy. The first benefit, this date palm fruit contain the high fiber that will help you to fluent your metabolism system, so your metabolism will healthier than before. The second benefit, this fruit make the healthy effect for your bone because of the calcium, magnesium, selenium and other nutrition that will give benefit for your bone. You also can prevent the bone diseases like osteoporosis and other diseases. After that, if you get anemia because of your heavy activities, you can consume the date palm fruit to complete and increase the blood producing.

The next benefit of the date palm fruit is increasing your body weight because this fruit contains sugar, protein, and vitamin which very important to make your body weight still balance. The date palm fruit also contains high calories to complete the nutrition that your body needs in your day. The date palm fruits will give you the energy more, so you can do more activities with consuming this fruit. That’s all about the benefit of date palm fruit for your health, thank you for reading this article.


ModsMods are changed application and modified one. It is different with the original ones Since the creator of modded applications is changing the in-game cash become unlimited, unlocking premium items for everyone and make sure everyone can enjoy that game without spending any money. But most of the modified application, don’t have any change in their gameplay. The creator of hack and modded applications just trying to make the original game can be more enjoyable and more fun to play for everyone. Some games have in-game cash that very hard to obtain and need actual money to buy them. But if you use modified version of that games, you will get an unlimited amount of in-game cash, without even spending any money. That’s why modified version of games is loved by gamer around the world, an especially gamer who don’t have much money to buy in-game cash but want to enjoy that game to their fullest.

Where Is Trusted A Website To Download Mods Applications?

Since modified versions of the app, isn’t really legal, you can’t find it on the play store. You will need to browse on the internet to find the modified versions. There are many websites that provide us with modifies versions. If you want to try downloading one of the modified versions of the game, then you might need to try the website on the link provided. There are huge selections of mods version of the game, the original one, and also some tricks and guides on a mobile game. This website is perfect, especially if you loved modified version more than the original ones.

Since it is trusted website, you won’t get any scam, virus or malware by downloading the applications here. It is 100% secured and 100% free from any viruses. Not only it is trusted website, the game selections here are very wide, so you can choose many mods and applications here. If you are curious just click on the link provided and prove it.


free gamesIf you want to have something fun without using the complicated resource, you can just play the game for mobile phones. Nowadays, you can find tons and tons of game without a problem as long as you have a smartphone. What you need to do is simply go to the market, find any game that you want, download the game, and play the game. Those 4 simple steps are very easy to perform, and they do not take too much time especially if you have decent internet connection. There are free games that you can try, but you should consider those that are not recommended list.

Playing Free Games

It is worth noting that you can find a great number of games in the store. Newer games that are out of radar also should you try. The reason is that they need support from gamers too. The feedback from you is important and that is why you need to help those game developers by trying their games. Most of the time, their games are free. The free games that you are longing for are available easily, and you obviously can have fun with them. Furthermore, considering the fact that those games are not free from the bug, you can test them. Typically, the developers will be nice to you and they give some benefits to you.

With that being said, you will not only have fun but you also can make a friend. If you are also a game developer, everything will be so much better because you can develop your games with constant professional feedback. That is why playing free games are not merely about seeking for entertainment solely. If you want to play such game, you should consider turning on a specific search for the newly released games. Those games may look weird to you, but they are completely worthy.


gta 5 hackGTA 5 is a definitely famous game that many people play. Unfortunately, some people start to get bored with this game. That makes sense because this game is now pretty old. Many people may have completed the game more than once and they are searching for something more interesting to play with the game. Fortunately, it is possible with the presence of GTA 5 Hack. Hacking the system really seems cruel but it is not. In fact, it makes the game more interesting because you can do something special inside the game. Take one example of being the richest person in the game that can buy anything you want. Additionally, you also can see yourself standing on top of the leaderboards because of using the hack.

Using GTA 5 Hack

The question now is how to use the hacking system? There are actually some answers for that matter. The procedure for using GTA 5 Hack is straightforward. First of all, you only need to find a website that offers to hack the system. It is important because you will never know that you will be hacking the game server. Therefore, you need third-party help for achieving what you want. The server holds your data such as your character name, the amount of money, and the rank. The cheat can change that by injecting new data to your username.

In order to use the hack, you definitely need to provide your username. After that, your username will be processed. After that, you just need to wait and see until the team confirms you that the account is already improved. After that, you will learn that your character now gets more money and ranks. Sometimes, the hacking website limits the rank that you can get per day. It makes sense because GTA 5 Hack is highly sought and the website just wants to be fair so that other people also get their turn.


hacked gamesOne of the easiest ways to get paid games for free is by downloading hacked games. We cannot deny that sometimes we need to download this kind of game in order to enrich our game collection. Fortunately, there still many websites and apps which make it possible for us to get games which have been hacked and modified. Now that you have downloaded the games, you may start to wonder how you can install the games properly on your device. Check out some guides to install modified games on your Android device as follow.

How to Install Hacked Games in Android

First of all, it is crucial for you to check out your settings before you install a hacked or modified game into your Android device. Your device may not allow you to install an app which does not come from Google Play Store. In this case, you can change the setting to allow you install hacked games in the device. You have to go to the Settings app first then tap on Security menu. Find the button to allow you to install an app from Unknown Sources. You should make sure to enable this setting before you install the game.

Afterward, you just need to install the games like the way you install other apps in your device. If you download the games in Apk version, you only have to tap on the Apk file then follow the instruction which appears on the screen. Finish the process and you will be able to play the game for free. In case you use a hacking app like KK Gamer or AC Market, you only need to do the same process after you download the game from those apps. Now, you can download and install any favorite game for free. That’s all some guides to install hacked games on your Android.


Health careFood becomes the most important thing that the people need. The is divided into two parts, the healthy food, and unhealthy food, where will you choose? The unhealthy food will not give you benefit, it just will give you the feeling full in your stomach, then it becomes the bad fat that will make you get fat and break your body unreliably. It contrasts with the healthy food that actually very good and will give a lot of benefits. The healthy food is the food that contains the substance of the nutrient balance. That is perfect and will make the body still fit and powerful.

When your body is fit and powerful, you will do the activity happily, and also your body will be protected well from the diseases. Often, several people do not realize about what they eat, is it healthy or not. Applying some healthy food to be consumed by you, it is the wisest way that you choose. If you consume a healthy food that is balanced with the nutrient, you will get several benefits. Let you change from consuming unhealthy food to a healthy food. Let check the list of healthy foods. The first is cabbage. It is the source of glutathione, which has functions to make the immune body stronger. A cabbage is not expensive, this is very cheap and easy to find in the supermarket or maybe traditional market.

The second is grapefruit, which is rich in the vitamin C which can protect you from several diseases, such as influenza. The third is wheat germ it is the core of the wheat that is rich in the nutrient, such as vitamin B, antioxidant, and another mineral. The fourth is low-fat yogurt that as a source of vitamin D. The fifth is garlic, which is rich of antioxidant that can prevent from several diseases.


node.js express tutorialIt is important to know the terminology of basic information that you are working with. When it comes to MySQL, it is even more necessary because the term that you have heard may not refer to the same thing. In order to avoid confusion and miscommunication, it is highly recommended to understand those terminologies for improving your understanding and performance when doing a project with MySQL. The first and the most important part of the express MySQL tutorial is the database. It is basically an application that stores data. The database has different APIs for managing, searching, copying, deleting, and doing anything towards the data. The newest update of MySQL basically utilizes the Foreign Keys. They are embedded in relational database management systems (RDBMS) for managing huge data.

Terms In Express Mysql Tutorial

There are several things that you should note when it comes to RDBMS. First of all, it is a table. A table is a basic spreadsheet with a matrix of data. The next term is the column which basically the data element containing the same kind. The row, however, is a group of data that are related to the column. The next term from the express MySQL tutorial is called redundancy which actually means more than once in storing data. It is designed to make a system goes faster.

The next term is the primary key which defines a unique key that cannot occur twice in a table. It is followed by a foreign key which is basically the linking key between two tables. Another type of key is called compound key which consists of many columns because it is looking for something unique. The next index which has a similar concept to index in books we used to read. The last from express MySQL tutorial is referential integrity which always assigns the foreign key to existing row.


8 ball pool hackDo you have the plan for this weekend? If you don’t then you can pick this one as an option. Yes, playing game can be your alternative though. It will be easy to do because you only need to sit and you have your Smartphone or computer to operate. You can play 8 ball pool as the option now and you can play it along with 8 ball pool cheats to make it funnier. This game has been booming all this year and you need to try playing this game though.  If you are curious about the game then you can read the explanation below.

8 Ball Pool Cheats Tool

This 8-ball pool is a game which is released by Minichip lately. You can find the game on the internet if you want to play it. It will be able to play in Android and also iOS. This will be such a fun game to play, here you can play against one player by using 1 on 1 mode and then you will play against more than one player using tournament mode. In a tournament, you will against 8 players in one time. You can use 8 ball pool cheats to make the game easier. It is because you will be able to get more coins if you use that tool.

You should know if the coins will make you able to do shopping the game and anytime you want to have a tournament then you should pay using that coin. How to get the tool then? Well, it is very easy to do. You can go clicking this 8 ball pool cheats to do it. There will be a website that will make you able to do that cheat. You will need the password and also the username of your game account to get more coins in an instant way.


one lungWhat is it liking to live with just one lung? You may have ever asked this question when you heard that it is possible for people to survive and live with just one of their lungs. Since living with uncompleted lung is like living uncompleted, it is potential that those who live with this condition will find their daily activities different with other with normal lungs. There is no doubt that it will be hard to survive. Nevertheless, as long as we know how to survive, we will be able to live with this condition perfectly.

Simple Strategies To Survive With One Lung

So, how can we survive properly when we are living without our complete lungs? In the first place, we should appreciate our life. Having our lung removed must be hard, but we should appreciate that we are still living nowadays. By being grateful for our life, there is no doubt that living with one lung will be easier for us. In some ways, we may even need to have faith and also trust that we will be able to survive and live happily even we have only one of our lungs.

In addition, we need to adapt to the new pace of our lung. Since it will be only one, our lung will need to work more when we do everything like we used to do before. As a consequence, we may need to slow down every single thing we do in order to help our lung to adapt with the new condition. It is not only our daily activities which need to be matched up with the new lung capacity. Our daily exercises will be required to be revised as well. Doing something lighter may be a good idea when we are living with just one lung.


free robuxWhat are you thinking about Roblox? It is a popular game in the world that has been played by thousands of people around the world. If you are one of the Roblox players, that must be a good idea when you know robux generator. This is a cheat tool for Roblox game and it has been used by almost all players. If you also want to play the game easier, of course using this generator is a must. Then if you need to know more about the tool, below is the explanation needed.

Some Tips To Use Robux Generator

In this case, a robux generator has been something common to be found. If you also want to use the tool, it is better to understand several tips in using this generator. For the first thing is many players should choose the recommended tool for experts. Indeed, it will help you much in deciding which generator that is the best one. After that, you are also better to look for the tool which is 100% undetected. Many cases happened that the cheating tool can be detected all players should be careful in choosing the tool itself.

About another tip needed in using the generator of robux is you have to choose the tool that is free to use. There are some websites which offer this free tool. That is why what you must do here is just enjoy the process of generating the robux without spending money. Furthermore, the most important thing which people should understand is the tool does not need to be downloaded and installed. Hence, they just need to visit the website providing a robux generator. Of course, with all of the things about generator tool of robux, now it is your time to generate the robux and enjoy to play Roblox game.


Health tipsHealth is something that you need to keep anytime. This is an important thing that you need to be aware of. In this modern era, there will be several threats that may harm your health, and today you should make sure that you are healthy by doing the checking to the doctor. Besides, to minimize the risk of having the disease, then you need to live a healthy lifestyle. This lifestyle should be difficult maybe for you for the first time, but if from the start you want to live healthy then you need to be excited living that kind of lifestyle.

Well, this is the thing you need to do if you want to live healthy plus stay young. This can be started by setting the dietary you have. You need to choose food which has calorie to produce energy and control your mood. This calorie can increase the metabolism process and also keep the health of your heart, then the last is control the stress you have. Besides calorie, you need to consume vegetable and fruits. This kind of food will have the content of protein without fat. You do not have to count the calorie but you need to see the quality of that calorie you have.  Your skin, hair, and also weight will depend on your dietary though.

The second, if you want to be healthy then you need to start moving. This can be done by doing an exercise like running or walking. Moving your body will make your heart healthy and it will keep your metabolism and also make you avoided from the stress. By having a routine exercise then you will have that healthy life. So, do not worries you still can do it because it is very easy to do though.


gothic dressesNow the development of the fashion world is getting more interesting. Proven that the gothic dress that was only for women without hijab, now have started to appear also dress for the hijabers. So that women who use hijab still can look attractive when going to party. The gothic dress model for hijabers with non-hijabers will certainly have a difference. But the difference is only in the arms and also the skirt. Because now the gothic-style dress for hijabers is not in the boutiques, inevitably you have to make your own. Do not worry, make your own design dress is very easy, the important thing you already have the guidelines.

How To Design Gothic Dress For Hijabers

Actually easy for you if you want to impress elegant even using hijab. How to design the first gothic dress, you can make a dress that fit the body or a little loose. All that depends on the desire of each, the article there who want to show the beauty of the body, but there are also who do not want to show the body with too clear. But actually you need to adjust to the state of the body. If the body is classified directly, you can use the body dress model fit. However, if excess weight, should use a slightly loose dress. How to design the second, choose the color combination. Although gothic has a main color black, but to attract, you also need a combination on the bottom.

Then for the back also provide a skirt as a characteristic of gothic. In general, the skirt will be black. The skirt that we mean is like a scarf often used by superheroes Superman. So the skirt just surrounds the back of the body only. Then to the hijabers definitely can not use necklace accessories. For that on the chest, just give transverse accessories in the form of silver or silver chain. Then you can also combine the ribbon in the form of feathers on the hijab. In addition you can apply black nail polish. So the bold impression emitted by the gothic dress will be more pronounced.


bedroom design ideasWhat are bedroom design ideas? It’s an ideas, concept, theme or design of the bedroom. You need to plan on your bedroom design if you want to have a nifty, tedious or beautiful bedroom. Many people were looking for brilliant bedroom design, especially the newlywed couple who want to build their dream house. The bedroom is a room where you rest and a private room for you and your loved ones. That’s why we need to put many efforts in designing them to make our bedroom looks tidy, elegant and beautiful. If you don’t know where to start or how to design your bedroom concept, then bellows are some tips and guide on how to create your own bedroom design concept.

How To Create Bedroom Design Ideas?

Firstly, measure your bedroom space. It’s important to know how wide is your room, so you can know how many furniture’s you can fit in your bedroom. You don’t want to put too many furniture in your bedroom or else it will become tight and cramped. You don’t want a cramped room to, don’t you? So just put necessary furniture and some decorations. Consider putting decorations on the wall. Wall decorations can beautify your room will creating atmosphere. Wall decorations such as wall paintings, photograph or ornament, can be good to put on your bedroom, but avoid putting it too much. Moderation is key to creating nifty bedroom design ideas.

Plan on your design, create your concept and theme. Adjust your bedroom concept with other rooms in your house. If you don’t know how to create concept or theme, you can ask an expert in interior design. They are expert in decorations, interior design, and furniture. But still, if we talk about design, beautify, concept and theme. There is no the most beautiful bedroom concept. Maybe one room looks very beautiful, but for some people, they don’t like it and prefer other rooms. It’s always the matter of perspectives, choice, and taste. If you are eager to know more about bedroom design ideas, just click on the link provided.


allegheny county assessmentIt is not debatable that the invention of technology helps people solving problems about different topics. This happens when people select property as the object of investment that will let them getting potential income in the future. If in the past they should visit the property agent directly from the office to office, today they can take it at home unless they are covered with a strong internet connection. It is not difficult to maintain this topic since in online site everything is clearly written. Allegheny County Assessment comes to offer a solution about this matter in easy ways.

The Common Fact In Allegheny County Assessment

In common there are certain topics that people should consider when they are interested in taking property as their investment. The main and prior thing to consider is location. The place where the object is located needed to set if people want to get high benefits in this investment. Even though it is potentially charged at a higher price, this object is probably returned higher return. For them who have limit experience and idea about property world, Allegheny County Assessment will help people get clear information about this matter. At the end, the possibility of getting higher income can be owned by people.

Besides location, the Allegheny County Assessment also takes house size as a factor that causes property has different tag price. In average, higher house and land is tagged in a higher place. But, it depends on the location where the house located. Somehow for the property that built with premium materials is also higher than common materials used. Thus, people can set and adjust the selection within the money they have. However, having a discussion with property agent about how they should invest and buy the property is needed to avoid they choose wrong decision since the property is commonly long-term materials.