The Process Of Farming Fresh Seaweed

Do you like seaweed? Seaweed is known as the best food with a lot of benefits. You can also find seaweed as the main ingredient for some healthy food. Nowadays, dried seaweed is the most popular one. You can even find in every supermarket near your home. Then, have you ever known the production of seaweed? There is some process that has been done to get high-quality seaweed product. If you are curious, so you can see the Indonesia seaweed farming as an example of how the production of seaweed is.

Method Of Seaweed Farming

For your information, there are some methods done by seaweed farmer to get high-quality seaweed. The farmed seaweed will be processed to the next production based on the product that will be produced. In Indonesia seaweed farming, there are some methods. Here are system methods for farming seaweed:

  • Floating Methods

The floating method is used for the deeper area. This farming system is usually found in the area that has weak water movement, so it must be supported more to grow more seaweed. The farmers also take this method for an area that has irregular bottom topography.


  • Method of Fixed off-Bottom Monoline

The method of fixed off-bottom monoline has some process. There is a construction that will support the system which is like staging monofilament. Then, the water will be streamed deeply so the plants will not be exposed by sun and air.

For the process of seaweed farming, it takes around 20-22 weeks. In the first 10 weeks, there will be immature seaweed which contains carrageenan. Then, it can be cropped after 10-12 weeks later. In most Indonesia seaweed farming, the process is sorted, cleaned, and freed well. So, it can produce the well quality of seaweed. After this forming process, the seaweed can be produced into some products.

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