RC Willey Specifications

rcmaniaWilley has made really good job by creating RC cars dedicated for performance seekers. There are actually some important components that Willey creates for building single RC. Sometimes, each part is sold individually, not in a set with the car. No matter what it is, RC Willey has special specifications that you should consider to achieve the best result for running an RC. Therefore, you will not be disappointed when you are seeking for the best cars for accommodating your passion in controlling that small version of cars. Additionally, it is important to understand that Willey for RC is equipped with so many interesting features that you should expect.

Specifications of RC Willey

There are some important notes that you should take a look to this product. First of all, it is powered by a battery. Indeed, you may want to judge that RC Willey is not good for enthusiast because it has limited power. However, the battery-powered engine actually can be infused with nitro, making it a hybrid engine that you can rely on for fast track. Therefore, it is actually a good choice that you can have considering the price it has to offer. The price range of this car is definitely cheaper than others and that is because of the main material. It is made of plastic. However, fear not because the engine is made of carbon to help this car survive in extreme condition.

Moreover, it is also worth considering that the weight is significantly lighter than other RC cars especially those which are designed for gas only built. This car is made in china, and some people really cannot expect too much of its quality. However, RC Willey is designed by professionals who really understand how to create the best RC cars that run efficiency without wasting too much resource on its manufacturing process.