Skip Wine Coolers For Better Health

Health lifeThere are some drinks that you can enjoy with yourself or friends. They are effective as a companion when you are doing something, and it is absolutely just fun. However, it is important to know that you just cannot live dependently with a drink called wine coolers. The alcoholic drinks with tasty juice are just not cool because they can make you sick in the long run. First of all, we will talk about the alcohol content which usually presents in the wine coolers. Typically, it is around 4 – 6 percent, and it is just almost the same as beer. With this kept in mind, you definitely can get drunk pretty easily. Particular gender and weight will have a different effect on you in terms how susceptible you are to intoxication (read: get drunk).

In addition to alcohol, you actually also consume sugar because after all, it is juice. The amount of sugar varies among brands, and you can see the contents in the back. In average, you will get 40 grams of sugar, and that is high enough to make your blood sugar rise. Additionally, such amount of sugar will not be used for energy. Most of them will be stored especially if you are not a physically active person. This is dangerous because you can gain weight which eventually leads to various diseases.

After drinking the wine coolers that much at night, you definitely want to sleep to end the day. Unfortunately, you cannot just forget it. The reason is because you still suffer from a hangover after you wake up. It is the least side effect that you will experience. In an awful scenario, you will experience heartburn because of acids that raise upwards. It is unavoidable because your stomach just does not want to receive too many alcoholic drinks. After you know this problem, you definitely want to reduce the amount of wine coolers intake for a day.