Symptoms & Easy Treatment Of Infantigo

Infantigo is not dangerous, but it will spread easily once it appears on your skin. Mostly, it will appear at the young age. One of the symptoms of this infection is a blister. However, don’t get panic easily when you found blister on your kids’ skin since there are more symptoms of it. You have to look at it more whether it is this infection or not. So, what are the symptoms of this infection? How to cure it fast?

What Are Symptoms Of Infantigo?

If you found blister on your kids’ skin, so it does not always mean for infantigo or impetigo. You have to check the right symptoms of this problem first because other skin problem also has a blister. So, here are the symptoms of impetigo:

  • Sores with yellow-brown crust
  • Small red bumps then develop into blisters
  • There are larger blisters which are flat when the fluid is drained out

Typically, the impetigo might occur on the scar. That is why it is so forbidden to let the scar open and even not to cure it. The bacteria will easily live in your skin then develops any skin problem.

What Is The Best Way To Treat Infantigo?

If all the symptoms occurred on your kids’ skin, so you have to do some treatment. At first, you have to take prevention so the impetigo will not spread around to another area. After that, you can follow these steps:

  • Clean the infected area gently and try to remove the crusts out
  • Apply the antibiotics ointment like mupirocin. When you apply the ointment, you can use the protective gloves to prevent the spreading of impetigo to your skin

For more information about it, you can also know more on Get other tips of its prevention, treatment, and other medical care for the impetigo.

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