How To Take Care Of Buckskin Quarter Horse?

The buckskin quarter horse is a beautiful horse. If you have one, you should take care of it with care. This horse has a beautiful cream color which makes it stands out among other horses. If you take care of your horse well, it can live long around 20 to 30 years.

Taking Care Of Buckskin Quarter Horse

Taking care of a buckskin quarter horse is easy. You just have to follow our simple tips.

  1. Feed well

In order to make your buckskin horse healthy, you need to feed it with a coat-enhancing grain. You can find many different feed products for a horse that you can find in many markets. Those products are full of the nutrients that your horse need. The food is necessary so the horse’s coat, mane, and tail can shine brightly. The thickness also enhances. So, if your horse is able to eat the food, then make sure it gets the food regularly. If your horse can’t eat that product, you can feed it with dried breadcrumbs in a small portion. This food will make the horse’s coat shine!

  1. Mane and tail

Don’t forget your horse’s mane and tail. You need to check them regularly if they are full of debris and keep ratted. If you don’t take care of its mane and tail, your horse will look dull. As you groom your horse, you need to brush its mane and tail regularly. Thrice a week, you need to rub them with cocoa butter. This butter works as a conditioner so the mane and tail will be softer and thicker over time. You can also use detangler if there are knots in them. Braid them occasionally so it can reduce the knots.

Food, as well as mane and tail, are important things from a buckskin quarter horse that need care. Make sure you pay attention to those things.