Things that Are Bad for Health

Health lifeHealth is a bid investment that we can do as we live. We need a healthy body and mind to continue our happy life. When there are many activities that we can do as we live, there can be some things that we always do every day without realizing that it is actually bad for our health. It may make you happy or you just like it, but wait for a second, it may affect your health. Here are some of the things that are bad for your health, but you may do it every day.

Things That Are Bad For Health, But You May Do Every day

First, eating spicy chicken Caesar salad is not better than eating pretzel bacon cheeseburger. You may think that spicy chicken Caesar salad is good because it is salad and it has a vegetable on it. However, you must know that it can be higher in calorie than a cheeseburger. Second, sitting is shortening your lie span. If you think that sitting can keep your energy, you may need to change your mind because sitting too much in the whole day is able to lead you to a higher risk of cancer and also heart disease especially when it is compared with those who stand more in the day.

Next, your skinny jeans can also damage your nerve. It must be nice to be stylish as you wear skinny jeans. But, have you ever thought that it may cause nerve damage? That’s why you must think wisely before you wear your skinny jeans every day. Then, brushing your teeth as soon as after you eat is not good for your tooth health because it can damage your enamel. The last but not least, night light that is accompanying you to sleep may cause brain damage. Now, you must think twice before you do some of those things above.

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