Tips To Buy A Fresh Tuna

Buying fresh tuna must be the most important thing to do to get a healthier menu. You can buy any kind of fish, especially tuna in the market, supplier, and other stores. However, you have to make sure that you get fresh and healthy one. Then, you have to know some ways to choose a high-quality tuna. There is some part of tuna that can be identified when you are buying tuna in supplier, market, butcher, and many more.

How To Choose Fresh Tuna

There are some ways to check that tuna in that store or suppliers are in good condition. For the first, you can check on the eyes of tuna. The characteristics of fresh tuna are the eyes should be wet, crystal clear, shiny, plump, and has no sunken features. If the tuna that you find has these characteristics, so you have to sure that the tuna is 100% healthy and fresh. Meanwhile, if the tuna has dried out, cloudy, shrivel or sink eyes so it is sure that the tuna is mishandled and unhealthy tuna. You cannot take this kind of tuna if you do not want to get unhealthy tuna.

For the second, you can also check on the fins of tuna to check the condition. A healthy tuna has an intact, wet, and healthy look. If there is rage or torn on tuna’s fin, so the tuna is not 100% healthy. The ragged or torn fin is indicated as mishandled tuna. If there is brittle or dry fin, so it means that the tuna is older. To get the best quality one, you have to choose the healthier one. If you want to get fresh and healthy tuna, you can find it on Find any kind of fresh and healthy tuna there for your healthy menu.