Travelling Around South Korea

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South Korea might impress many people with the wave of its pop culture. The wave of K-Pop brings the positive impact to the country. Not merely about the entertainment, the tourism industry also gets the good impact. Many people become curious about the best travel destination in South Korea and many youngsters start to have a dream to fly to South Korea. Of course, it is nice to know a little bit more about South Korea before someday you might come to visit this country. Then, what are the best destinations of this country? Here comes the list for you.

Best Travel Destination In South Korea

Once you visit South Korea, make sure that you have enough sightseeing in the center of this country, which belongs to Seoul city. As the capital city of South Korea, this city will really give you a very good impression, so that this city can be nominated as the best travel destination in South Korea. In Seoul, you have to visit N Seoul Tower and also Gyeongbokgung Palace. Then, the other city in this country that will also impress you is Busan. In Busan, you can find many temples and also mountains. Besides that, since this city is near to the beach, you have to visit Haeundae Beach as well.

Then, when you visit South Korea, you should visit Jeju Island. In this island, you will find the beautiful panorama of the sea and also the hills. You also can have some cultural trip when you visit this island. In Jeju, you can visit the Folklore Museum and learn more about South Korea there. Gyeongju becomes the next place that should be on your list when you make a visitation to South Korea. In this city, you will find Seokguram Grotto and also Bulguksa Temple. That is all the information for you about the best travel destination in South Korea.