Watch Youtube Video Offline

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Watching videos on YouTube is something you often probably do on Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod. However, there are still few people who do not know how to watch YouTube video offline or without an internet data plan on Apple devices. In fact, you can use YouTube for iOS to watch free videos without internet data plan but you have to download video on iPhone first. This is actually a YouTube Offline feature on the iPhone that makes it easy for us to watch free videos on YouTube without having to worry about running out of fast data packages. Unfortunately, it’s still rare to know how to watch offline YouTube videos on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch when it’s tutorial in Google support.

How To Watch Youtube Video Offline?

There are many steps to get what people want, which is how to watch YouTube video offline. Before watching a video on YouTube, you must download or update the YouTube app on your iOS device then follow these steps. First, you must download YouTube for iOS in the App Store. Once successful, download the app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, log in using your owned Gmail account. Then find a video on YouTube that will play offline mode, then tap on the right side of the video and select Save Offline. Next, select the desired video resolution, OK tap then go to YouTube profile, then Saved Videos. Wait until the YouTube video download on Apple device is done.

By following the tutorial on how to watch YouTube video offline mode on iPhone, iPad, and iPod, you have saved internet data packets on iPhone, iPad, and iPod because we do not spend the data packet quota when you want to watch it many times. Just imagine, how much money will you spend if you do not use offline Youtube feature on this iOS device, of course, internet data packets run out just to watch streaming video on YouTube.