What Is Carrageenan?

Many people are not familiar with carrageenan, maybe some people are just heard about that. What is carrageenan? Carrageenan is one of seaweed processed product that has various functions and benefits. Carrageenan is used in making various kinds of the food product, pharmacy and cosmetic also other industry needs. The main function of carrageenan is as thickener, stabilizer, gelling agent, emulsifier, and so on. Carrageenan itself is a polysaccharide compound produced from the process of seaweed extraction. Indonesia is one of the carrageenan producers. Indonesia carrageenan manufacturers have produced one of the best quality in the world.

Carrageenan In Indonesia

In fact, the technology used in making carrageenan is simple, it can be done in small scale or home industry. In Indonesia, though Indonesia carrageenan manufacturers have produced a very good quality product, yet carrageenan industry in household-scale is not so popular even though Indonesia itself is a country with the largest carrageenan seaweed raw materials in the world. The reason may be because of opinion in the society that carrageenan industry is must be built on a large scale.

The process is not very complicated, but it takes precision in making the mixing composition which will determine the success in making carrageenan. The procedure is:

  1. The first step that must be done in the carrageenan making process is the clearance of seaweed that will be processed.
  2. The second step is extraction. Soaking the seaweed in water with a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.
  3. The next process after extraction is filtering.
  4. Carrageenan deposition is done by pouring the heated carotid filtrate into isopropyl solution while stirring for 15 minutes, to form carrageen fibers.
  5. Then, the carrageenan fibers are dried within a vacuum dryer at 60 degrees Celsius to dry. Then milled to obtain carrageen powder.

What are the steps in Indonesia Carrageenan Manufacturers?

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